Reginald Layson – CSR and Computer Programmer

Reginald Layson Computer ProgrammerHi, I’m Reginald Rexfer, and you can call me “Reg” Or “Rex” 🙂

All of us have dreams, and mine was to become a “Civil Engineer”. There was a reason why I wanted to become an engineer – it was because my dad had also wanted to become an Engineer. However, due to financial challenges, he wasn’t able to get into college, so I wanted to fulfill his dream. When I was young, I always thought of the ways I would have that career. Most say you should be good at Math (which was my favorite subject back then) so I just naturally assumed I would be an Engineer. But life doesn’t always pan out the way you expect, and achieving a dream is not always a piece of cake! I ended up becoming a Programmer! That’s right – I graduated as a Computer Programmer, which is not a bad thing. But before that…

Student days…

I was a Sepak Takraw player back when I was in primary and secondary school. I am good at playing “SIPA” (a traditional sport in the Philippines) and that’s how I ended up playing Sepak Takraw. I also know how to play different sports like: basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess, and football. I was always chosen to represent our school when competing against other schools. Sadly, I didn’t win a championship. During my 10th grade we got all the way through the championships but unfortunately, we lost in the Finals. So as well as dreaming of becoming an engineer, back then I also dreamed of playing in a national competition for Sepak Takraw… but that didn’t happen.

Back in College our school didn’t have annual sports competitions so I wasn’t able to continue playing Sepak Takraw. Well, that’s not 100% correct – we did have a school foundation which had sports competitions, but only internally in the school, so I wasn’t very interested in joining.

I decided to focus more on academics. In my 2nd semester in my 1st year I was included on the Dean’s List. I cherished that a lot as I worked hard for it.

In my 2nd year at college I decided to work while studying. I scored a job as one of the Service Crew at a fast food chain, McDonald’s to be specific. At first, I was glad that I could help my family financially, as I could now support my studies with my work. However, my grades weren’t as good. There was a time when I was not included at the Dean’s List – my last year in college. I regretted that I wasn’t able to balance my studies and work to maintain my high standard. Even now, I still regret that part of my life because I know that I can do much better.

As an adult I make sure that I balance every decision I make. I still have dreams, and one of them is to build a happy family and help them achieve their dreams.

Thanks for listening to my story! 🙂

For a copy of Reginald’s resume please click here.