Reynold Evasco Agarao – General Accountant

reynold-agarao-formalThey call me Rey or Aga, my nickname is derived from my first name REYnold and surname AGArao.

I am an accountant by profession, non-CPA. I’ve been working in this profession for over a decade now. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Year 1999-2000. I came from a less fortunate family. But through my efforts and determination to attain a college degree, I applied for a government scholarship program.

After my college days, 2 -3 years I worked as a Salesman in my locality. Normally, I have a list of stores in my assigned area to sell the Unilever Products. Experiencing work as a salesman was very challenging and fun. I learned a lot with regards to the product and how to sell in good faith and good outcome. But as times went by, I became motivated to find a job that is connected to the course that I graduated with. That’s why I left the job as a salesman.

By the year 2004, with the help of my church community I belong, I started to work related to my profession. I worked with RDC Construction and Dev’t Corporation as an accounting staff member. Most of my job was in the field where the project is in progress. I was the field accountant who handled all transactions incurred. I filed it and kept it as safe as possible. I entered the data in Peachtree Accounting Software. I am also charged to release the payroll for sub-contractors of the project. I monitored the cost of the project. I gave the financial report to my general contractor. This job was very far from my residence, sometimes I travel 2-3 hours and my salary was not enough for me at that time. So I am aiming for a better job that was nearer to my place.

In the whole year of 2005 with the money I saved, I decided to study a total of 21 units of educational subjects. This was to be able to teach accounting but it also required me to pass the exam. Unfortunately, up until now I didn’t take any exam to earn a license for teaching. I was unable to pay for the application for the exam. Same reason why I didn’t take the CPA exam.
Then I was eager again to apply for a job. Luckily, I was accepted to work in the rural banking industry. My position was as an accounting staff member again and I was under a probation period for 5 months only. I finished that, after few months they called me again to start. Meantime, I was at the crossroads of deciding whether to enter in life community mission volunteering or accepting the job. I decided to become a Mission Volunteer of my community main office Manila, CFC-Singles for Christ for 2 years. My life there was very different in my career because I almost detached to all material things, just to nourish my spiritual life. Having been there also made me more open-minded in other aspects of life. I see the life behind I thought before. I became more mature and love more than just myself, but developed more love for others, especially the poor ones.

From 2008 up to 2010, I am still in community life development not just in spiritual life but also in my career life. I worked as an accounting staff in our provincial office. I was involved mainly in Multipurpose Cooperative to handle the loan application of co-op members, conducting seminars and/or meetings for them. I was also engaged in GL accounting works and cycles. I used again the Peachtree Accounting software for this work. Making financial reporting for the board of directors monthly. Honestly, my salary here is not that high too and far again from my place. Yet, I enjoyed and pursued to do more in my career. And that’s the reason I tried to apply very near to my place again.

So in God’s Will and purpose, I was hired at AMA Computer College, a prestigious IT school in the Philippines. I became an Accounting Supervisor in one of their branches which was very near to my place. Surprisingly, even my salary was doubled from my previous works. I’ve worked there for 3 and a half years. I thought I would be getting old with the company. I did the full function of accounting, AR/AP accounts, GL, Sales, Cash, Inventory, Expenses, Income, taxes, the book of accounts and FS monthly. Deal with students and/or parents about their tuition fee concerns. I used the Oracle E-Business Suite for accounting. My chapter of life had a big change when the next level came – married life. I left the company, left the family, and left the Philippines to work abroad.

reynold-agarao-baguioIn KSA, Riyadh City, I have almost 5 years working as OFW as General Accountant in Herfy Foods Limited and with their sister company Mama Sauce Factory. Life there is not that easy compared to living in my country. But the job and financials I receive is the consolation and reward I consider. I believe also that, it is the most achievable job I have had. Because I traveled all around the kingdom for my job to conduct the audit inventory and audit sales report. I was tasked to handle purchasing matters, payroll, and raw materials inventory management. I used the Oracle and SAP as accounting software. And eventually, after office hours, I also have a virtual job, part-time with US account using the Quickbooks Online and Wave Accounting. But unexpectedly, I left the job because of my family, as a newly married person. I and my wife were having a misunderstanding. I believe my family is very important and needed to be a priority over my career or finances. And I believe I still can work from home remotely.

For now, I am helping my wife with her small start-up digital printing business. She’s so very great at graphic design. I encourage her to do virtual jobs also so that she will get more clients not just locally but internationally. And as for me, I am continually looking for a full-time online job. Now if you are the one, grab me and you will not regret hiring me.

For a copy of Reynold’s resume please click here.