Rhod Emmanuel P. Gabac – Customer Service Specialist

rhod-gabac-profileHi! This is Rhod Emmanuel Gabac currently residing at San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, Philippines. My nickname is R.E., just the initials of my name, but I prefer to be called Rhod. I use this as my professional name.

I have a lot of experience as a Customer Service Representative. I have been in this profession for 6 years now. I have other experiences as well such as a field researcher for 1 year, Sous Chef for a year as well, and lastly, a Computer Technician. My most loved experience of all is of course, as a Customer Service Representative. It is a really interesting role because you don’t know your customers’ problems until you communicate with them, and it’s really challenging to think outside of the box for you to be able to make them feel satisfied.

I am a very competitive person, that’s why my scores are always above the rest. I always practice to be above the requirements that were given to me because meeting the standard score is good, but achieving a better score is great! I realised that in any way or whatever job you have, you should not settle for something that is good, you should give your best and ask yourself about how your performance – is it just good? Or is it great? I know that there are times that people will really look at you as their competition, well, sorry people… the only competition rhod-emmanuel-gabac-vacationthat I have is with myself and on how to improve my life as a person and make an impact on others such as family and friends. If people would seek to achieve such standards, they would not settle for less and have a better life, better time, and better living. This life that we have is something to be cherished, that’s why I really wanted to work from home to have more time to further improve myself and life.

By the way, there’s this company that I worked with in which I gained a milestone recognition. I was able to be the best customer service for 7 months straight! They gave me a medal and a trophy. A lot of clients and bosses were congratulating me for a job well done which is really nice. I know that this is something that everyone should experience as part of their daily job – not just as a bonus.

When my family moved, I needed to look for another job. In this new job, they had around 1,300 representatives and I became one of those that are called “The Golden 25”. These are representatives that were called upon when there’s a need for overtime. We were like superheroes when the score of the site was down and the deadline quickly approaching. We were called upon to help the company reach its goals for the month. It was full-on and really fun and exciting. 🙂

I am very easy to train, a team player, and someone that you can rely on. I can also work with little to zero supervision. I can adapt to changes and will always adjust to whatever challenges I may encounter. And if you allow me to work with you, I believe that I can be a great addition to your team and be an asset.

For a copy of Rhod’s resume please click here.