Rose Ann Mabayang-Gonzales – CSR and Appointment Setter

rose-ann-mabayang-gonzales-certificateMy name is Rose Ann M. Gonzales from Davao City, Philippines. My friends call me Rose. I am an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

I got pregnant in my last year in college. My family was devastated since I was the eldest in the family and they were hoping that I could save our family from being poor. I had to work after giving birth to my daughter because my boyfriend could not find a decent job. I started working in Quality Assurance for a small food manufacturer. My job was to check if the product passes the company standards. They did not provide proper training since the company was still starting. I worked hard, did some research, and I memorised all the raw materials. I was promoted as part of Research and Development. I was able to create more products however, because I am an undergraduate, the company did not give me proper credit. I stayed in the company for more than 2 years then I decided to look for another job that didn’t require you to have a college degree.

I transitioned from working in the laboratory to working in the BPO industry. I was a Technical Support Representative for Linksys. Aside from providing troubleshooting steps, we were also required to sell Linksys rose-ann-mabayang-gonzales-upside-downproduct. I was excited about what I learned from training, with the new technology. I became Top Performer after 3 months of working. I felt so proud of seeing my picture on all the company’s premises.

I focused on being Technical Support. I was able to handle Comcast, a network provider in the US. Swann, the number one brand of Security Cameras in the US, Australia, and the UK. Foscam, also another brand of Security Cameras in the US. I saw to it that I could bring home an award from those companies that I worked with. I am always awarded as Best in QA and Top Performer.

My boyfriend and I eventually broke up so I had to take care of my daughter alone. I decided to be a work at home mum. That’s the time that I tried project-based accounts like KOHLS, a retail store in the US. I was a Customer Service Representative for KOHLS. What we do is process and track the order and handle customer complaints via email.

To cut the story short, I was able to buy a laptop and set up my work station at home. I am working now as a lead generator for a credit repair company in the US but I’ve always wanted to become a Virtual Assistant. I’m attending free training to become a successful VA. I want to become a Virtual Assistant because I want to act as a support for my client’s business.

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