Rose Castor Bicol – Social Media and Administrative Assistant

rose-bicol-profileHi! I’m Rose! My relatives and friends call me Bong, that’s my nickname, but my co-workers call me by my real name.

My mother died due to heart attack when I was only 7 years old. It was devastating for me as a child. My father is a fisherman. He works hard to provide for our daily needs. My eldest sister works in Manila as a dressmaker and my brother is also a fisherman and works with my father. I can say that my childhood was still happy even though I grew up without a mother on my side.

I studied at a State College. I initially took up Drafting Engineering, but I shifted to Education. I was still in college when I became pregnant. I stopped studying and became a mother and a wife. We are now blessed with three children, but our family life is not easy. We have experienced struggles, pains, and heartaches. We are financially and emotionally unstable. I was only 18 years old when I had my first child – a mere teenager who knew nothing about real life. We had to work hard and take on any job that we could find. I became a tutor, a nanny, and a house helper just to provide for our family’s needs. At a very young age, my husband and I experienced how hard life can be, but we had to stand on our own feet to survive.

rose-bicol-kidsIt was 2014 when my husband’s aunt, who works in the Department of Education, asked me if I wanted to work as a School Clerk / Administrative Assistant. Without hesitation, I grabbed the opportunity. Things like this only knock once and I know it will be a great help for us.

As the days passed, I learned to do many things. I attended a lot of training, seminars, and workshops. I learned to liquidate the schools’ operating expenses and basic bookkeeping. I helped and assisted teachers and non-teaching personnel from recruitment and promotions, processed their paid and unpaid leaves, payrolls, reports, service credits, retirement and other papers needed. I also did data entry jobs, research, spreadsheet creation, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop and Canva, etc. and anything they needed. They called me the jack of all trades.

My journey as a Virtual Assistant, especially in doing administrative tasks and social media management can help you and your business. With my knowledge, experience, and skills, I assure you the satisfaction in every task given to me.

Let me help you to ease your burden in everyday work. I’m your friendly, reliable and energetic Virtual Assistant at your service.

For a copy of Rose’s resume please click here.