Sharon T. Dulay – Online English Tutor

sharon-dulay-officeI used to work as a Customer Service Representative in a BPO company handling a US Health Care Account. My main responsibilities included ordering pharmaceutical and medical supplies, handling insurance policies of each client, do follow-ups with specialists or Doctors within the companies’ affiliated insurance department, ordering and shipment tracking.

Right now, I am working as an online ESL Tutor teaching basic, advanced, intermediate and proficient English Language to different nationalities, mostly from South East Asian countries. I also provide notes to students with materials to help them communicate in a professional and appropriate manner. I give lessons that cover a wide range of language skills needed to succeed in an English-speaking business environment. I conduct classes through video call via Skype and chat with them if necessary.

At the age of 17, I already started working in the customer service industry as a cashier/sales coordinator for a food delivery service in a reputable quick service restaurant. Most of the time, I accepted orders from customers, transacted with call center representatives to address issues and resolve customer complains. I was also in charge of handling bulk order transactions through telemarketing. At that very young age, I learned different things when it came to handling different types of customers and giving them services beyond their expectations and needs.

sharon-dulay-profileI am a mother of two and I take them to school everyday as part of our daily routine. I decided to work from home and leave the BPO industry because I wanted to spend more time with my kids and watch them grow. I see it as the best example of work and life balance.

I believe that when I enter the Virtual Assistant world, I could meet different people, learn new things and gain more skills and at the same time be able to use the skills I have learned through my previous experiences in the customer service industry. The most important lesson I have learned in this field of work is that everyday is a continuous learning process; we never stop gaining new knowledge as it’s our way of adapting to change.

I can perform different tasks like Data Entry, phone, email and chat support and other administrative work. I am a person who works hard even under pressure and is able to deliver positive resolutions in a tight situation and I see to it that I always make sure to find ways to delight our customers and provide them one of the best customer service experiences.

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