Zeus Bryan T. Salcedo – Team Leader and CSR

Hey there!

Zeus – the almighty Greek God – is a name I will have to live up to. It was given to me by my father in the hopes I would be like him or grow up to be something even more. 🙂

Growing up as a kid was tough because there were a lot of expectations, particularly as I am the eldest son. My mum was the only one with us growing up as my father was overseas most of the time for his job. She needed to be strict with us at a young age since she was the only one putting up with our whims and caprices. Everything that I did as a child had to be acceptable and positive so as to set a good example for my younger brother and sister.

Despite these pressures, I was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy in my teenage years, and even more so when I attended college. In college, I just had to attend class, take in the information, and then finish for the day. It was basically the same routine over and over… till such time my girlfriend fell pregnant. It was the turning point of everything. I was hit with this need to focus and a strong sense of responsibility – not just for myself but for my girlfriend and for the baby we were going to have. My girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

My kid is now 12 years of age. Her mother and I are separated and I am married and we also now have kids of our own, and are busy building a strong foundation for our family. My first daughter and I are still in contact and we see each other as often as we can. And I love being a father. I will admit at times it’s hard to balance my time with work, family, my daughter and even myself! And it has never crossed my mind to just give up everything, after all that’s what we all are living for… and challenges and obstacles are just part of life that we have to overcome and conquer. We use them as a way to motivate ourselves and be ‘more’, and continue to charge forward.

With so many things happening in my life, this hasn’t stopped me from reaching my goals or losing focus on what I do. I’ve been with the BPO industry for almost 8 years mostly handling customer service concerns, organising pipeline processes, motivating team members, mentoring, and coaching team member’s to deliver 100% work output, and facilitating communication with clients. I started out as a customer service representative/technical support representative and worked my way up to become a team leader.

Having the name “Zeus” I suppose isn’t that of a God-like persona, but rather, of a person who always looks after his family’s welfare and well-being, doesn’t forget and is always reminded by the sense of responsibility to focus and always be the better man.

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