Agnes Ramirez – General Virtual Assistant


Hi! My name is Agnes S. Ramirez, 34 years old from the Philippines! I am blessed with two beautiful girls, a 13 year-old teen and a 5-year old princess. I am very artistic and creative. I also love to sing and dance. When I have my idle times, aside from cuddling my kids, I also love to cuddle with my dogs. I have an adult spitz terrier dog and a mal-shi puppy.

The story of my life was never easy. It’s like I have been carrying the entire world by myself. Yes! I am a single mother. I worked twice as hard as a two-parent family. I don’t just provide a home and food for my kids. I also make sure the home is a safe environment for them to be healthy and happy. What a challenge, isn’t it? But it’s kind of fulfilling to my heart and in my soul that I was able to birth and raise them. Now I realize that I was never really alone the entire time. I also have to think once for myself and another once for my children.

My employment journey as a sales rep began at a very young age. I started promoting wines when I was around 16 or 17. It was a very long time now, but it was a quick product sampling and selling stint. As years went by, so many things happened in my life including the reality of poverty. When I became a single mother, I decided to get up and start a new life.

In 2011, I started working as an office clerk in a Finance and lending Company where I am responsible for compiling financial records and making sure that everything is accurate and updated. After several months of working as a clerk, I decided to stop and work as a sales associate for a gadget store inside the mall for 1 year and 9 months. During those years, there was a rumor that working in the BPO industry gives a better compensation than any other job, here in the Philippines, at least! So as a single mom, I grabbed the opportunity!

agnes-ramirez-vaIn 2013, I started working in the BPO industry as a sales representative, doing inbound calls, offering and selling a paid-tech service/s to AT&T consumers based in the USA. After years of working as a sales agent, the company transitioned me to work as a billing/retention agent as the team leaders and supervisor saw potential in me that I can be a great asset to the team to reduce the cancellation rate of the company. I really loved the job, unfortunately, I had to resign because my baby got sick.

Amidst the pandemic, life really got tough and so I started searching for jobs online and had to experience business scams, which later turned out to be fly-by-night only. But a blessing in disguise came in, and that’s when I learned about the Virtual Assistant Team. With all the uncertainties and difficulties I went through, I’m still lucky I found Alan Stewart who helped me become part of his business. Since then, I became one of his VA’s and worked with one of his clients as a costumers consultant officer/recruiter, doing basic databasing and lead generation.

March this year 2021, Alan made me one of his recruitment specialists. I was happy to do promote a job opening, advertise open positions on social media pages, and reach out to VA candidates via call/text/emails who are eligible for the job and book them in for an interview with Alan’s personal assistant.

Looking forward to more years working with the Virtual Assistant Team. I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to give. Thanks for reading my story!!! Cheers!

Within your grasp – Agnes S. Ramirez

For a copy of Agnes’s resume please click here.