Aiza Manilyn U. Miclat – Customer Service Specialist

aiza-miclat-formalIf you’re looking for someone who can help you with your projects, I’m at your service! My name is Aiza Manilyn Miclat, a customer service specialist, administrative officer and sales and marketing officer.

I have been working for 16 years now. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable experiences from different private companies. I am skilled in email correspondence, data entry, web research, answering phone calls, payroll, funds management and liaising between different departments. I have good knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel, good typing skills, and average written and spoken English proficiency.

I’m an experienced customer service representative with vast knowledge in call and email handling for customer support. I have a strong work ethic and am willing to be trained for skills development. I can give you the best outcome from my work as I am detail-oriented, prompt, and highly organised.

Academically speaking, I have a Bachelor Degree Major in Management Information System. My passion in information system has lead me to become a virtual assistant. This has opened plenty of opportunities for me to share and apply meaningful insights, as well develop my skills.

aiza-miclat-mangrove-plantingRight now, I am a single mum with an adorable 9-month old baby boy. We are currently living with my mum who is now a senior citizen. My mum and my son are the reasons why I work hard to reach my goals and hope for a brighter future. It is not easy but I am confident enough that I can achieve my dreams. I am the type of person who’s easy to deal with and always see the good in everything. I always make sure that every problem has a solution and every decision has a backup option.

In conclusion, I am reliable and adaptable to my client’s needs, great at multi-tasking, especially in administrative tasks. I am easily trained and always open to new learnings. I am hard working and always willing to help my client and their business’ needs. I can be a valuable asset to your team and we can work together in taking your business to a whole new level.

Please consider me as your next virtual assistant and you will not be disappointed. Thank you!

For a copy of Aiza’s resume please click here.