Alfert Nichol C. Cadiz – Customer Service Specialist

Alfert-Cadiz-officeHi! My name is Alfert Nichol Cadiz. You can call me Alfert or Nichol.

I never expected to be a Customer Service Representative for 8 years. This was not my Dream when I was in college. I took up a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and at the same time, I also joined the Army training course. But my mother was not that happy seeing me wearing my uniform because she didn’t want me to become a law enforcer because she was worried that my life would be at risk – which is quite possibly true.
So I decided to change to another course which was a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. However, when I graduated in 2012, I wanted to work with a higher salary to help my family. I am the eldest son and I need to assist my father financially. So I decided to work in Customer Service. As a first-timer, I did my best and passed the training course.

My first employer was a US-based Telco company. I worked as a Customer Service Representative for almost a year, alfert-nichol-cadiz-bondingand because of my performance, I was endorsed to Tier II which meant I would also be handling technical issues.

I handled irate customers. I processed refunds, created a ticket for replacements, and performed troubleshooting just to resolve and satisfy our customers. Then due to my impressive performance, I was endorsed again to the next Tier which was the Escalation Department. I handled still irate customers who wanted to speak to a supervisor or manager. After almost 4 years working in that Telco company, I was able to improve my communication skills, and learn to effectively handle different types of characteristics.

As time went by, I decided to resign. Not because I was bored – my Mother suffered from breast cancer at that time. After many months, I worked as a medical records retriever to one of the US Insurance companies. However, it was just a seasonal account. After more than a year of my contract, I applied for a customer service role at one of the Worlds Remittance Companies. However, I did not get to work because after the 6 months training, we received a notice from the client that they will be removing the campaign from our site and transferring it to a different company due to some issues.

I applied again and in God’s faith, I was able to work in one of the biggest construction plan room companies in the US. I was not in customer service anymore. I was one of the reporters or data analysts in the company.

I then decided to work from home not because I’m tired of working in an office-based environment, but because I’m about to start up my hog raising business and I wanted to monitor it myself. I am also a father of one cute little boy now, and he’s another strong reason why I decided to work from home full time.

My Motto in life is: Today is a sacrifice, tomorrow is paradise.

For a copy of Alfert’s resume please click here.