Ma. Katrina Dulce A. Vivar – Virtual Assistant

ma-katrina-viva-formalHi! My name is Ma. Katrina Dulce A. Vivar, but you can call me Kat or Dulce. I am only called Dulce by my family which I am comfortable being addressed with.

I grew up in an old school style of raising a child together with my grandparents somewhere in Manila, Philippines. Why did I say ‘old school’? It is because I was only allowed to learn at home. I was not allowed to mingle and have some chitchat with my friends or classmates in the neighborhood. My grandparents were frightened that there would be lots of bad influences that I could adopt outside. Despite this, I have never felt alone, because from that experience taught me to handle things or situations on my own and when I do get help with elders, I am really in need of guidance and the proper instruction. Also from that early stage, I already valued the education in my life.

Time passed by, and I was about to enter my high school life when my parents decided to move to our province in Bulacan. I didn’t have a choice but to obey them. I am very thankful and grateful to my grandparents that they helped me to grow mature enough for entering my next journey in life.

2009 was the first day of the school year and I had lots of experiences and learnings. The dialects, the environment itself ma-katrina-dulce-vivar-casualbecause there are lots of trees, fishponds and the people on the campus were very happy as I mingled with them.

In my 4 years of studying, I was been very busy and focused on studying to receive higher grades. All of my efforts paid of as I gained the grades that I was aiming for, and even the teachers were happy for me. I was not a top student but I can say that I could catch up and jive among the top students at our school.

I was even part of the Editorial. I was a writer there covering the news about school events and sometimes news outside the campus that could benefit the organisation of the publishing school.

I was very close to graduation and I really didn’t know what course to take in college. I asked my mother and she said that if I want to work office-based, then I should take a psychology course. I took the examination for the Psychology course and my second choice was the Mass Communication course. Guess what? I failed both courses, so I ended up studying Education instead.

My mother advised me to shift after a semester to the Psychology course. But I wasn’t able to do that because I was enjoying my current course and thought that I could manage to do office work even though I am a graduate of Education. Two years passed by and I met a guy who was older nine years than me. Who would have thought that we would be together – even now? 😀 He encourages me and helps me through my ups and downs.

When I finally graduated back in 2017, my job hunt began. I applied to different BPO companies and was unsuccessful with the interviews. It hurts, you know? There was a time that I really cried over and over until home-based jobs caught my attention. From then I strove hard to gain the necessary skills for me to hired by my future clients and have a sustainable job for me to provide for my future and daily needs of my family.

Life is too short to give up. If there’s a way and you have the guts to pursue it, then reach for it. It is best to try your best than doing nothing.

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