Allysa Lour Montalban Lumbayon – Bookkeeper and Accountant

allysa-lour-lumbayon-casualHi! My name is Allysa, a BS-Accounting Technology graduate in the Philippines.

I used to work as an Accounting freelancer and have experienced working as an intern at an accounting firm during my college years. I also have some work experience in online bookkeeping, Accounting and Bookkeeping services, specifically in Xero.

When I was still deciding on what course to pursue, I just randomly picked BS-Accountancy because during the enrollment, I saw that most of the freshmen were choosing it as a course. Although, I do love math, I was surprised that Accounting is not just all about numbers and problem solving. It is all about analysing every situation and applying necessary solutions (or equations) in order to solve it. I have learned to love accounting along the way.

But we all have our fall backs in life; the more I strive to finish the race, the more it gets tough and drains the best out of me. Before I even got into my pre-review subjects, I decided to give up because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish college in 4 years and the fact that my family’s financial standing at that time could not sustain my studies anymore. I shifted to BS-Accounting Technology since it was the best solution at that time.

allysa-lour-lumbayon-profileI graduated October 2018 but my class ended in May 2018. During those idle months, waiting for the commencement exercise to happen, my cousin introduced me to the world of online jobs, specifically in Bookkeeping and accounting. I’ve been working remotely since then. I enjoy it and it brings back my love in accounting.

As a remote bookkeeper, I’ve handled various Accounting tasks including:

  • Processing client invoicing/billing (setting up direct debits, apply prepayment and credit notes, adding necessary charges to invoices and adjusting it if needed)
  • Reconciling day-to-day accounts (Personal, Business bank accounts)
  • Personal/Business Expenses classifying and tracking
  • Entering supplier invoices/bills
  • Paying suppliers
  • Processing payroll accounting, post pay-runs (includes calculation of leave accruals)
  • Journal account transactions, and
  • Preparing all of the relevant financial data needed to prepare the mandatory financial reports and taxation lodgements.

I am proficient in using MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher, Google (Doc, Sheet, Drive and Calendar) and other accounting software and system such as Receipt Bank, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, Hubspot, Zipmoney, Sezzle, FrontApp, Zendesk, Everhour, WHMCS, Pin Payments, Shopify, PayPal, Ezidebit and Stripe. I have excellent knowledge in using Xero Accounting System, and I am familiar with Active One System, Netsuite, and SAP Business One.

I possess good interpersonal skills and can multi-task effectively. I have analytical and problem-solving skills. I have a high interest in learning, high stress tolerance and I am willing to be trained.

I have an above average skill in English and Filipino communication (both written and spoken).

Above all else, I am willing to learn anything to provide you with the best service and to meet your expectations for this job.

As a home-based bookkeeper, my typical day would just be me working at home, watching movies, taking care of my sister and running some errands during my free time if there’s any. During Saturdays and Sundays, I spend my time stress free from work, hanging out with my friends, family and going to Church.

For a copy of Allysa’s resume please click here.