Angelica Apostol Saguinsin – Sales Representative

Hi there! I am Angelica Apostol Saguinsin. I am 23 years old and I just got married earlier this year. Just call me ‘Angel’.

I am currently stay at home as a full time loving housewife to my 24 years old husband and I decided and have made a commitment to be a VA.

Before I got married, I was a graduated student of Southern Mindanao Institute of Technology in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. My parents couldn’t afford to pay all my bills in school, including things like tuition fees, projects or activities, travel fare fee (as I traveled everyday from our home to school), as well as my everyday allowance for food. I also had two younger brothers who were still studying at that time.

So I tried to be a working student! My life in 4 years as a working college student was quite challenging, yet I am grateful. I am grateful because it helped to enhance my confidence and my patience when communicating with other people as I am a sales representative of beauty products and food snacks. And I am also grateful for it giving me a chance to serve through the work I had before, and helps my finances as a college student.

After I graduated from college I tried to apply for any jobs that are related to my degree. But sadly, I did not succeed! But that is not the ending of it…

After a month I became a Member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and decided to serve as full time missionary for 18 months. It is a voluntary service to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in different places to different people. It was during my preparation for my mission that I met my husband. He is my church-mate and to make it short, we decided to marry. In our married life as husband and wife, it is hard for me to work outside the home because I really want to be a wife who can cook for him and do the other house chores. This is why I decided to pursue online home based work.

My first gig was as a short term worker – and it was all about email management. We managed contact lists of teachers attending seminars and obtained a large number of email addresses through various methods and for use in bulk emailing the US teachers both, public and private. We sent out an invitation to attend a mathematics seminar in USA. After we finished the project with our client I applied for work again online as a Search Engine Optimiser. My experiences as a online home based worker has been good for me! And now I’m seeking a position where I can utlilise my knowledge, abilities and personal skill while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. I am looking for a position that offers professional growth along with the organisation or team.

I am happy to receive constructive professional correction over the course of our working relationship, and I willing to rectify my work and improve. I am very excited and motivated to make this choice a success!

Thank you! God bless! 🙂

For a copy of Angelica’s resume please click here.