Anna Luisa Capua – Customer Service

anna-capua-casualHi, I’m Anna. I have worked in different industries for the past 10 years.

During college, I used to work as a promo model part-time to help my mum with my brother and my tuition fees. I was unable to finish my studies way back in college due to pregnancy complications. I had my first son. It was so hard to start a family without anything in your pocket. I and my partner did our best to survive despite the hardships that we were going through.

I worked as an Event coordinator for a while. As time went by, we had our second son and when he turned one, I decided to work as a customer service representative. It was my first time applying in the call center industry and it was nerve-wracking. Knowing that your competitor is much more experienced than you are, but my perseverance and eagerness to win the job brought out the best in me. I was able to land a job and that ‘s how my journey as a customer service representative started. I’ve dealt with different people and different customers and it’s so fascinating how flexible I am working with them.

My kids are the best gift that I have in my life. I will do everything for them just to make sure that I’m providing what’s best for them. I love how I can do different things when setting my mind to it. I love discovering myself and being the better version of myself. I love to challenge myself because it’s fun whenever I overcome those challenges.

anna-capua-christmas-villageRecently, I engaged myself in learning more about being a virtual assistant. Though I don’t have any first-hand experience, I am very confident that with proper training I can do my best. I am resourceful and I know that I have the skills and knowledge that will help me in striving in this industry. I might have not the best experience but I’m very willing to create a name for myself.

Having all the hardship in life makes me the toughest person that I can imagine that I will be. I will do everything that I can for my family. In return, I’m only asking them to do their best and make sure that they’re happy in everything they do and I will take care of the rest. Life is not easy and it’s important that we’re contented and happy every single day.

I am very pleased to work with you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

For a copy of Anna’s resume please click here.