Ashley Monique Dino – Customer Service

ashley-monique-dino-vaHi! I am Ashley 🙂

I came from a broken family but we strived to support each other to live life happily. I am the eldest of the family and I have a younger brother. I am already 24 years old but I haven’t finished my studies yet. I had to work from the age of 18 in a call center and was able to stay there for 18 months. I had such a great experience when it came to customer service. I tried being an online English teacher for Chinese students as well, but the experience didn’t last long. Being an ESL teacher taught me to be patient.

I went back to school hoping to finish my studies, however, I had to sacrifice again to help my family to survive. I went to get a job in another call center but unluckily, the company lost the account I was handling and couldn’t transfer us to the other accounts.

My mum was a real estate agent for almost a year but due to some family issues, she was terminated and our family went through a ashley-monique-dino-profileseries of problems. My mum met someone who became her partner and he provided for us and loved us like his own.

Unfortunately, just after 2 years he passed away. It happened just recently and that’s why I am now seeking another job to help my family. I am a soon-to-be mother which makes me need to strive even more. I want to provide a better life for my coming twins and also help my family at the same time. I know I can handle all of this because I know that single mums are strong and will never give up.

This is a new challenge for me at this time but I am willing to take the risk. I don’t have any experience as a Virtual Assistant, but I am willing to learn and to be trained to excel in this profession. I’ve heard so many amazing things about being a VA and that’s why I am very eager to get this job and be part of the team.

I am confident enough in my skills and I know that I am a responsible person. As what I learned from my previous job experience, I know I am a reliable person and you can always rely on me.

For a copy of Ashley’s resume please click here.