Caysaline J. Mendoza – CSR, Sales and Administrative Assistance

caysaline-mendoza-workI am a Virtual Assistant that specialises in Customer Care Service, Sales or Marketing, Research and Administrative works. I am reliable, self-motivated, and an efficient assistant with experience providing remote administrative and personal support to busy professionals. I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to you.

I wanted to have a career that appreciates professional approach, hard work and can utilise my knowledge and skills to contribution towards fulfilling the company’s growth.

I am a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Graduate. I am now residing in Trece Martires City, Cavite. I have been married for 3 years with no kids yet, but I am a proud furparent of three dogs; two Chow Chows and a Maltese.

I had my first job at a Government Office where I served as an Administrative Assistant. This is where I got the opportunity to learn and earn skills in administrative works. As I was into Multimedia Arts, I was assigned to design promotional materials using Adobe Photoshop or MS Publishing like tarpaulins, cards and flyers for service information and Multi-media editing such as Video and Audio Materials. I also learned more about MS Office and Google Suite. While doing all these, I managed to take the Career Civil Service exam and passed.

caysaline-mendoza-coupleAs the economy in our province mostly caters for the Retail and Marketing industries, this created better career opportunities. I decided to explore careers within its market to be able to better provide for my family. I was hired as a Customer Service Assistant and a Branch Trainer for a Retail Company. I was a Front-liner, I trained teams of cashiers and baggers. My job involved customer care that deals with customer concerns on products and services of the company, supervision of my team and we also performed services and promotions for retail sales. This career has taught me to be patient, how to handle problems and how to provide proper and immediate solutions.

My retail and marketing sales career had gone to a new level when I had to move from our new home in Cavite. I was married. I was then a Retail Sales Assistant- Selling Supervisor 3 at an Appliances company. This is where I learned how to handle Corporate Sales and learn the in’s and out’s of the market, and how to deal and meet client’s expectations.

We all have this dream of having your own family, and my husband and I wanted it too. We both decided that it would be good if I tried to be a freelance virtual assistant since I have experiences in Administrative work and Sales. I could still be the career woman that I wanted to be, while working at home to manage our future family with no worries.

I managed to get my first client and I enjoyed working with them. I also gained new experiences and learned new skills. I want to improve more in order to be of great service for my future clients.

I hope I have introduced myself through this brief story and have an opportunity to be at your service. Thank you.

For a copy of Caysaline’s resume please click here.