Cynthia Dy – Customer Support Specialist

cynthia-dy-profile“Nothing is impossible if you have the will and the courage to do it.” This is my guiding adage. That is why at this advanced age, I am not afraid to venture into the world of Virtual Assistants, which is all new to me.

I am a mother of four wonderful children and I have been working for almost 4 decades of my life. I started my career journey as a mission partner in a church-based school where we catered to marginalised scholars for technical courses.

I started as a secretary and was gradually promoted as an educator, Human Resources In-charge and finally as project coordinator. Here I performed tasks such as screening of applicants which included interview, administering and checking exams as well as monitoring training programs and coordinating results to our clients.

As an educator I learned how to prepare lesson plans and understand the grading system and classroom management. Working in the HR Department, I was in charge of the 201 file, a part of the employee engagement committee and the team that conducted job evaluation and salary scaling. As the Project Coordinator my tasks were preparation and submission of project proposal to funding agencies, planning and monitoring of the ongoing projects. I also was in charge of monitoring and submission of reports to the benefactors.

After 9 years, I resigned and decided to set up and manage my own canteen which went well for almost 4 years. After this I went back to my life as an employee cynthia-dy-travelbut this time in the BPO Industry (Business Process Outsourcing). Here, I was exposed to a totally different world where everything is a competition and teamwork as well. I slowly developed my English communication skills, oral and written. I also acquired valuable skills such as information verification, online research, issue resolution, giving endless options to please the caller, how to be a team player, flexibility, adaptability, active listening and investigating through probing questions.

For several years I was living like a zombie due to my schedule and I had very little time left for my children. Bonding and talking with them is my greatest happiness in the world. I was able to earn enough but I was not very happy with the way things were until I heard about freelancing and work-from-home opportunities. I was fascinated with the idea and it gave me hope to gain financial freedom and the luxury of time. I researched it and after 3 months took a course in Freelancing. Now I am seeing hope of making my dream a reality and hopefully finding my first client.

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