Daniel Dennis D. Sarroza – Senior Operations Manager

daniel-dennis-sarroza-formalGreetings! I’m Daniel!

A Musician, Art enthusiast, Table Tennis and Chess Player, Football Fan and a Mobile Gamer…

Please allow me to share my story:

I am 34 years old, the youngest child and was born to be wild in my younger years. My dad is retired marine transportation personnel, and my mum is a retired municipal clerk in my home town. They have raised me well by giving me the opportunity to become independent, as for them it is best for me to “Discover” what life is all about, and let them know if I am having challenges, as they would be there to support me whatever happens.

I studied in a Catholic institution run by Paulinian Nuns from preschool through High School. I was a School Artist, Company Commander of our Citizen Army Training (I was trained to be a follower and a good leader to my fellow students), through a 2 month CAT training, with our Senior and Army Officers leading us to become a ideal citizens as we should, for our Country. I also became a President of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines at my school, and carried the name of my Alma mater every table tennis competition.

daniel-sarroza-vacationI graduated high school with so many experiences, which helped me become a better individual when I started working as a professional. On the other hand, it was also during my high school years when the 80s and 90s music was introduced to me by my friends. I can still remember the first time I listened to Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Oasis, Def Leppard, Bob Marley and many more… and that’s where I got interested in learning to play a Guitar, despite my mum not wanting me to do it. She wanted me to learn how to play piano instead – which made my nose bleed, literally! You know the feeling, that when you listen to Sonatas, E Major, Minor and etc… which are truly difficult pieces, which was not what I wanted to do.

I joined a band and started to compete in many local competitions, and at some point in time, we were blessed to win some local and even national band competitions. This exposed me to several personalities, which added to my experience on how to deal with different types of people and levels.

I began college and took a course under Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Then I left college when I was in my 4th year, leaving 42 units for me to graduate. I could not push through due to financial constraints, as my Dad was not accepted to continue his job, due to his health.

I then forced myself to look for better opportunities, though I was afraid back then because I thought that those people who had diplomas were the only ones that could be accepted for work. I worried that this may be the end of my professional career. It was difficult looking for a job and I had countless rejections. One day, I saw an ad in a local newspaper that an agency was conducting free call center training, as long as you could pass their interview. And on that day, my whole life changed.

After my call center training, I got the job as a Customer Service Representative way back 2006 into one of the biggest BPO companies in the Philippines. I supported a Telecommunication Company in the United States for 5 months. After 5 months, I was promoted as Quality Assurance Specialist, supporting the same account. I requested to be laterally transferred to another site, and from then on I supported another Telecom Company in the U.S. as a Quality Specialist.

I was again promoted as a Supervisor for Operations in 2008 until 2009. I moved to another BPO in 2009, and started my career as a Team Leader supporting one of the biggest Cable Companies in the U.S. for Activations, with a total FTE of 15 CSRs. It wasn’t until 2011 that the leadership saw my potential as a leader and I became a Senior Team Leader for more than a year.

In 2012, I was again promoted as an Operations Manager under the same account, until I was tasked to launch a new line of business for our client. But this time I was supporting and managing 2 product accounts which were Internet and Video and Repair until last year and earlier this year supporting our Billing line of business as a SOM. During my stint as an Operations Manager, I have managed to bag the number 1 rank with a total workforce of 150 agents or higher (depending on my current headcount) with both client and internal rankings. Our team also managed to be the number 1 vendor for 6 consecutive quarters, and was awarded as the best vendor of the year for a certain divisional area in the U.S. During my entire campaign supporting this division, I was also promoted as a Senior Operations Manager supporting our Director of Operations, and my direct task was to achieve all KPI targets set by our Client, and at the same time meet or exceed our pay for performance bonus, the gross profit margin and control our cost margin to an acceptable level or even reach beyond expectations if possible.

I was also given the opportunity to come up with ideas and solutions, based on the analysis conducted by myself, Quality Team, and other support groups that directly help the Operations Team.

With 13 years in the BPO industry, I can say that I’ve been through a lot of great professional experience and have a lot of fun memories. With a purpose of ensuring that all employees will and should enjoy and receive continuous support from the leadership team, I aimed to maintain the level of trust and motivation of our frontliners to support the business and the organisation.

I have always been in direct contact with my client when I was a Senior Manager, likewise with my Senior Leadership Team, which allowed me to be the best in terms of Client Relations, Operational Management, Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving, Managing Performance, Employee Engagement, Process Improvement, Analytics, Continuous Learning and Development stakeholder, and Quality Control.

I chose to retire from my position, despite the level I had reached, as I wanted to ensure that my daughter was well taken cared of. I gave way to the career of my wife as her position plays a vital part for both her organisation and our family. I left the company with no regrets, just pure happiness for the sake of our little girl – but my company will always be in my heart. The people who I worked with, and who became great friends have been truly instrumental in my success. I am now be their best supporter for the success of the campaigns.

I am a person who always values time, and ensures that I spend quality time with my family and work. I always think outside of the box, look for better means and ways to improve a certain process if I see any grey areas which could be a potential hurdle to the success of a campaign or business. I am very passionate about what I do, but at the same time mix a little bit of fun in it, as it makes things fresh and interesting.

To my future client – I may not be the best, but I will get the job done. I can learn things at my own pace, and assure you that I will master every piece of the process. Allow me to be your Virtual Assistant, and help you get things done based on your expectations. I am a team player, and will ensure that you and I will have the best relationship in the VA space.


For a copy of Daniel’s resume please click here.