Van Hussen Manuel

Van Hussen Manuel - Real Estate Analyst My name is Van Hussen Manuel and I am a dedicated administrative professional with a degree in Financial Management and a strong background in Real Estate Industry. I've been working as a Real Estate Analyst for quite a long time now. My duties and responsibilities as a Real Estate Analyst involved Financial [...]


Louise Anne Reganit

Louise Reganit - Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Hi, my name is Louise and this is my story. I am what you can consider as Jane-of-all-trades, I have different experiences with different industries. I started working in the call center industry starting out as Customer Support then was given the opportunity to be promoted as a Team Manager. Spending almost [...]


Darelle Loreto

Darelle Loreto - Support Consultant, Social Media Manager Building a business or pursuing whatever endeavour you might have right now is no easy task, I get it. So, I'm here to take some things off your plate. By leveraging my knowledge and skills on the most viable medium for conducting business that is the internet, I can help you [...]


Therese Pauline Lapus

Therese Lapus - Social Media Manager, Lead Generation I am a Virtual Assistant doing Lead Generation, Social Media Manager, Data Entry, Cold Calling, Researcher, Graphic Designer, Expert in Photoshop, Canva, Excel, MS office, CRM, PPT and Video Editing. I am able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. I use a creative approach to problem solve. I am [...]


Cyrill Jane N. Asiado

Cyrill has work experience as a Call Center Agent, Sales Representative, Production Coordinator, Accounting Assistant, Payroll Officer, and Virtual Assistant. She has worked extensively with social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has completed studies in Computer Programming.


Christine Casaje

Christine Casaje - Customer Service Representative Hi, I'm Christine and this is my work story. I joined the workforce as an ESL instructor for non-English speakers for 2 years. After that time I joined the BPO industry and stayed for 8 years. With my work experience, I gained skills that I can successfully use in being a Virtual Assistant. [...]


Daniel Dennis D. Sarroza

I am passionate about Customer Service and Sales – after working my way up to the position of Senior Operations Manager. I have worked with teams to achieve all KPI targets, excelled with problem solving, improved the company’s employee engagement and retention and been in charge of Quality Control. You’ll find me proactive, determined to master every step of your process, and a team player.

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