Cyrill Jane Asiado – Social Media, Marketing, Accounting

cyrill-jane-asiado-profileI’m Cyrill Jane Asiado. I am 31 years old and have a lot of work experience. I enjoy learning new things, continuous growth, and development.

I have work experience as a Call Center Agent, Sales Representative, Production Coordinator, Accounting Assistant, Payroll Officer, and Virtual Assistant.

To keep things shorter I will just tell you about my journey as a Remote Worker.

I worked as a Virtual Assistant for an Australian client from June 2019 to March 2020. Our team was called GLOBAL TEAM. I enjoyed working with that team and I am proud to say that I contributed also with the growth of the company. My job included LinkedIn account management and lead generation. I managed different LinkedIn accounts, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator (a premium feature in LinkedIn) to generate leads. The app allows you to filter a specific industry as your target market (e.g. accounting, architecture, health and wellness, retail, legal services, etc.). I filtered the desired search based on the industry, place in the company, number of company employees, etc. Once I found our ideal target, I requested connection with a personalised template. Then after they accepted the connection, I would send a follow-up message that offered the client’s services/products. When there was a prospect lead, I let the client know, so they can do the talking and the deal with the prospect lead.

I also posted content related to the client’s services. We used Slack, Trello, Hub spot, and Google Docs.

My recent job was as a Part-Time Virtual Assistant to an Architect based in China from April to June 2020 but I had worked with him since 2018. He just cyrill-jane-asiado-swimmingmessages me if there are tasks that he would like me to do, like architecture research and other administrative jobs. We used Skype for communication and for the collaboration we used Google Docs and Spreadsheets for the report of my work.

I am glad to say that my skills, versatility, willingness to learn new things, and passion would make a difference in an organisation. I’ve been looking forward to working as a Virtual Assistant for a very long time. I want to support my career growth, and of course, contribute to the continuous growth of the company. And this wish will be granted if you would give me the chance to work with you. So, you may trust me with any task, and I am ready to work with you anytime you need me.

Thank you and more power!

For a copy of Cyrill’s resume please click here.