Edelyn Nabua – CSR, ESL Teacher

edelyn-nabua-profileHi, my name is Edelyn but you can call me Lyn.

At an early age, I encountered so many obstacles already. I was 3 years old when my mum left us and it was my father who took care of my siblings and I. I had witnessed all the sacrifices of my father. He worked day and night and even today I wonder how he managed to rest or sleep back then.

Life wasn’t that easy for us. Some people would call us NPA or ‘No Permanent Address’ since we were just renting and didn’t have our own house. I was 9 years old when the house that we were renting burned down and everything turned to ashes. But still, we were thankful that we were all safe. No one ever offered a house for us to stay at that time, but we managed to survive.

I am sharing this part of my life to let you know that no matter how hard life is, we must learn how to survive since nothing is permanent in this world and change is a constant phenomenon. My father is now a plant manager and I am now a degree holder of Banking and Finance.

When I was studying, I sold different things like accessories, clothes, etc. I even brought a big backpack with me every time I went to school to sell and my classmates often teased me about whether I was there to study or just sell. But I just laughed at them. I kept telling myself to work hard as an investment for my future as I didn’t want to experience ever again the life that I had when I was a child. Poverty took my childhood life. Instead of playing, I collected recyclable edelyn-nabua-vacationgarbage to sell in the junkshop so I could help my father with so many bills and expenses.

Right after graduation, I worked as a Customer Service and Technical Support Representative in Teleperformance Philippines where I handled different concerns such us billing inquiries and technical issues. After almost two years I tried to seek other opportunities and worked as a Virtual Assistant in FGC+ for a medical account for more than a year. I processed hundreds of orders every day, got authorisation by calling customers insurance, called and emailed patients for the shipment of their items. I also worked part-time in an ESL company wherein I teach English to different people online. Attendance is not an issue for me and I’ve never been absent or late to my previous jobs.

I am a person with a great attitude and I’m not a quitter I always look for a long-term commitment with my boss.
I believe that it takes determination and hard work to accomplish your goals, not destiny or luck.

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