Christine Casaje – Customer Service Representative

christine-casaje-profileHi, I’m Christine and this is my work story.

I joined the workforce as an ESL instructor for non-English speakers for 2 years. After that time I joined the BPO industry and stayed for 8 years. With my work experience, I gained skills that I can successfully use in being a Virtual Assistant.

I’m experienced in providing various services either on the phone, via email or chat. I solve problems and I use all the options that I can to achieve this. I like to think “outside of the box” on top of implementing the policy that a client has in place.

I’m good with research too. I have worked as a debt collector and one of the necessary skills is finding the person. I maximise all the resources that I can use to find what I need. If I’m not able to find it, I reach out to my clients to see if they can share their knowledge with me to help make me more effective at work. Being open to learning is something that I always practice when it comes to working. I’m meticulous in delivering the results. I prefer quality at work. That is why I double-check all that I have done before providing the results to my clients. Communication plays a vital role in christine-casaje-clownachieving a goal. I am not shy about speaking with you. Just the same, I am eager to hear from you as well.

As my career grew, I became a Team Leader. I managed a group of people and I was responsible for their performance. I prepared weekly and monthly reports, attended regular meetings for data analysis, conducted coaching, and checking quality in their results were just some of the task that I did. Making sure the schedules were in line with what the operations needed was where my email and calendar management skills came into play. Doing recruitment and getting the right person for the job was also a part of my role back then. I am very familiar in using different tools for people and project management and different applications for data entry and analysis.

I am looking for a client that is specific, goal-oriented and open to communication. I would like to work with someone who is willing to share their knowledge as well as be a guide in making sure that the quality that I give is what they are expecting me to deliver.

I am a detail-oriented person with a mix of creativity in approaching work and open to learning more.

For a copy of Christine’s resume please click here.