Dawn Novie C. Peteros – Sales and Verification Associate

dawn-peteros-formalI took up Bachelor of Arts in English major in Applied Linguistics. I have always been fascinated in learning different theories and methods of how ESL learners learn or acquire the English language.

Just after a week of graduating I landed a job as an ESL teacher to Korean university students in an academy. Fortunately, after nine months working for the academy a new opportunity opened for me to work and teach students online. Since then I have been working as an Online English teacher for almost 9 years now. I have taught not only Korean students but Japanese and Chinese students as well. That is why I can say I am trained to be sensitive to cultural differences. I have also gained the experience to present my students with possible and effective solutions if there are problems that they encounter when learning the English language. I leveled with them and made them feel that they are not alone in the journey to gain the communications skills and confidence they need to use the language.

My husband was the one who introduced to me the world of being a virtual assistant. I find it very interesting and the fact that you are able to help build someone’s company is such a rewarding feeling. When you are able to help a company dawn-peteros-night-outreach a level of productivity and see good results, it makes me want to work harder even more.

I was able to work as a virtual assistant to real estate agents based in the US. I have worked for one in Texas and another one in Missouri. Through my experiences I have learned communicating with leads, setting up appointments and managing calendars for my boss, organising files, answering phone calls and responding to emails. I have learned to value time when doing business transactions and providing service to help those who wish to find homes or sell houses.

And now, I am excited to meet and work for people in a different part of the globe. I am very eager and willing to be trained and always thrilled to learn more. I learn and comprehend fast when trained as much as I can. I am very open to helping my clients grow, succeed, and achieve goals!

I am ecstatic to work with you. Thank you so much for taking the short time in reading this.

For a copy of Dawn’s resume please click here.