Karen Melba O. Sasis – Bookkeeper and Administration

karen-melba-sasis-gardenFinally! She got aboard the FREELANCING zooming jets.

Contrary to a culture that dictates that an individual should acquire a college degree, and masters and doctorate to be successful in a chosen field, she has proven this old belief to be false.

Karen Melba Sasis defines success in the chosen field, in her case – accounting, as achievable even by one hardly graduated college.

She has acquired a significant skill set not learned from school but brought her to her dream business – the Freelancing!

Loving Math and Accounting, she now works with Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop. She learned Xero, another important accounting application, almost effortlessly. The other applications that she can work with like a pro are the G-Suite, HubDoc, and Excel – also related to Accounting.

karen-melba-sasis-wall-climbPresently, Karen works as a freelancer accountant and is successful in this field. She now enjoys time and income freedom.

She is a Xero bookkeeper and Proposal Administrator. She creates proposals using JotForm and PandaDoc. She approves invoices Using Xero, Monitors payments and sending clients receipts when they make payments. To be effective in implementing these tasks, she developed an important email management skill and become an expert at it.

Also, currently, she is a consultant to another online company in which she plays an important role in providing clients very good research and evaluation to help them with their online businesses to become leaders at their trades.

Her success is sweet. Here’s why and a look into her past.

Karen loves Physics and Math. She is fond of numbers and problem-solving and working around formulas.

In college, she took the Accounting course. But, problems snuck in making life then so difficult that it affected her grades badly. She needed a retake in one of the major subjects.

This happening made her decide to quit school and help the family by getting a job instead.

She worked in BPO companies braving the graveyard shifts.

Her past jobs helped cultivate inside her good work ethics and professionalism. She learned hard when her supervisors were not doing their jobs of leading their team. She needed to take initiatives so that clients were served well.

Their clients back then were happy working with Karen so that she was made Point of Contact (POC)

With this experience, she was molded into becoming the leader that she is today.

Karen worked with US-based eCommerce clients handling accounts receivables / payables, and bank reconciliation.

She also worked as a Financial Data Analyst for almost 2 years handling bookkeeping.

It can be said that her career was already flourishing but the reality was she could never be happy working graveyard shifts in a corporate setting. She never liked it.

So, when a dear friend introduced her to home-based online jobs, she loved it right away and decided to pursue it immediately. This direction of her life pointed her to what she is now – a successful Freelancer!

She knew for sure that she’d love freelancing. She supported this desire by enrolling in online courses. She made investments for herself that truly helped her find very good clients online.

As a freelancer, Karen is self-reliant, self-motivated, and very internet savvy. She has a broad range of interests in online research and evaluation and enjoys all these very much. She loves her work.

What she loves the most as one of the perks of freelancing is having quality life and time to share with family, especially with her parents – a truly priceless thing.

Karen has always been a leader. With discipline and determination, she was able to lead herself to achieve her diploma in Accounting. She graduated in 2012.

She will have many other goals for herself, for the family and the companies she’s working with and all these will be achievable with her dedication and leadership.

For a copy of Karen’s resume please click here.