Diana Joy Pecaoco – Executive Assistant

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

Virtual Assistant Diana PecaocoI’ve lived a fairly simple life… a daughter to two hardworking parents who gave their all to give their kids a better future, and a sister that made sure her younger sister was looked after. I wasn’t raised to a well-off family. We don’t usually get what we want, but being contented and thankful of what we have was instilled in me from an early age. You could say I’m average, but my parents considered me as someone who can do much more. High expectations confined me to who they think I was from whom I really was, which I understood and strove to achieve when I was growing up.

I have always looked up to my parents. Their struggles and sacrifices didn’t go unnoticed. But, I look at my mother as my hero. I always wanted to be like her; strong, brave and able to do anything. She was a mother and also an employee. You could say a ‘career-woman’. She always worked hard because she wanted to give everything to us, but most importantly, she wanted us to have a good education. I’ve always wanted to make her proud. Not because she asked for it – I just wanted to give back and show her sacrifices didn’t go to waste.

Growing up, I wasn’t a very vocal kid, even to my parents. I was more inclined on the quiet and shy side. But as I grew up, I became closer to my mother and we had conversations about my plans. I know she was proud, though she never told me, but I saw it.

There are times when plans don’t work out and surprises wait just around the corner – whether you are ready for them or not! I achieved my degree in college but what came next was a blow to my parents. I fell pregnant right after graduation. This was a time of mixed emotions. I was happy that I was having a baby. I also felt terribly nervous because I don’t know anything about taking care of kids and taking on the responsibility of being a Mum. And I was sad, because I disappointed my parents, especially my mother. I was so disappointed in myself when I saw her cry after learning my condition. I felt lost.

Motherhood really changes you…

All I know at that time was that I’d do anything for my baby. I was busy planning things that I would do to be the best Mum to my child… and after seeing my daughter, my world turned upside down! Priorities changed, even, I changed. Gone was the shy girl. Now I was a brave woman. Seeing how I stood up to fix myself and come back, I showed my mother that I can do it and that she shouldn’t be afraid for me. I will always remember her saying “You’re so brave”, and I will always take it with me through life. I will always remember it even if I’m not feeling brave at the time.

I’m still striving to be like my mother; she will always be the person who I look up to even now that I’m a Mum myself. I sometimes think of what she would do in certain situations when I’m unsure, and this boosts my confidence. I now understand her, more than ever.

I am still a mother who is a work-in-progress, but the again who isn’t? I know in my heart and I will make sure that I’m the best mother to my kids and be like my mother who juggled and excelled at being a Mum and employee. At a young age, I’ve endured a lot, sacrificed a lot, and definitely learned a lot! Just like my mother, I will do everything to give the best life to my kids.

I would be honoured to join you and your company – and let us work together to grow and achieve “much more”.

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