Donna Fernandez – CSR and ESL Teacher

donna-fernandez-formalLife isn’t meant to be easy.

I was at the crossroads months after stepping up on the stage to claim my college diploma. For days, I contemplated whether I’d seek a job in our island province as a teacher or jump into what’s unknown to me – going to the city.

“Pwera bisita, Pwera bisita!” The ferry was announcing to all those sending off friends and families to disembark. It was my first time riding on a ferry alone. I had never set foot in Manila – Philippine’s capital city in my whole life. I cried tears while the ferry was sailing for the three hours and I never slept a wink thinking of my parents. I knew how much they wanted me to stay with them, to work as a teacher so I could just go home to them every afternoon. I knew how much I’d like to be with them, but if I didn’t take up this adventure while I was young, I’d be forever stuck there.

donna-fernandez-outdoorsThat was five years ago. Years have gone by and I don’t have any regrets. I worked as an employee who worked in a 9-5 job.

With the fast-paced world we live in, I finally chose to find a job which I can do remotely, something that could give me freedom to do more in life. It’s indeed a tough decision to make, because people around me are bent on finding a job in the corporate world or in a government sector. But despite this, I chose to take on an online job. I was afraid at first, but I chose not be daunted by creating my own pattern instead of conforming to society’s conventions.

So here I am, starting my journey to seek opportunities within the virtual world, aiming to find a wider space to learn, to grow and to live.

For a copy of Donna’s resume please click here.