Eisel Dennis R. Leyva – Customer Service Specialist

eisel-dennis-leyva-abroadMy name is Eisel Dennis Leyva, but I preferred to be called Dennis.

I have worked in the BPO or Call Center Industry for the past 12 years. I am a dedicated customer service personnel and I have experience in administrative and managerial tasks. Although I have extensive experience in the corporate world, I decided to venture into a remote setting because I would like to spend more time with my family.

My goal is to be able to find a balance between working and my family life. Pursuing a Virtual Assistant career would be able to provide me with that and also allow me to develop my skills. As previously mentioned, I am well versed in Customer Service but at the same time, I have had my share of doing administrative tasks. I have been exposed to different fields of the BPO industry from being an agent, escalations representative, team leader and quality auditor. I have dealt with a variety of customers or clients and can adapt well to their personalities. You could say that I am a chameleon and I am able to relate well with your clients.

With the training I had in the BPO, I learned how to be flexible with shifting schedules and can easily learn new tools and applications. I can meet deadlines and work with minimal supervision. I am coachable and receptive to feedback as well.

As for my personal life, I am a father of two and they are the reason why I ventured into the remote world. I love spending time with my children but at the same time, I would like to provide them with all their needs.

My interests vary from technological advancements, like computers, phone and gadgets, to cars – yes, I am a car enthusiast and a lot more. I like to travel especially to the beach areas. Honestly, the beach is one of the most relaxing places to visit. It would be great to have the opportunity to be on vacation while working, right?

I am the type of person who can easily blend into any environment. I have a positive outlook on life and tend to see things from a better perspective. I know that there would be challenges but I know I can face them and succeed in the end.

I know I can be a great addition to any team because I am a team player, fast learner, and will dedicate my time to continuously grow in your industry.

I cannot wait to be a part of your team and would be glad to show you that I am worth your time.

Thank you!

For a copy of Eisel’s resume please click here.