Ivy Jean Cubelo – Administrative Assistant

Hello 🙂

ivy-jean-cubelo-formalMy name is Ivy Jean Cubelo but you call me Ivy. I’m from Davao City, Philippines.

I’ve been working as a Virtual/Administrative Assistant for more than 3 years now. I can honestly say that I LOVE my job! It was my daily routine to go every day to the office, working 12 hours a day doing multitasking tasks and sharing memories with my office-mates. But one day I realised that I need to balance my time with my family and for myself. So, I decided to quit my previous job and now I choose to work from home.

For me, working from home provides me with flexible hours. It would help me to avoid the stress associated with depending on mass transit to get me to work on time. It also helps me avoid daily expenses like car fare, professional attire and food. I now have a healthier lifestyle because I have enough sleep and I can go to the gym either before or after work.

From my previous experience as a Virtual/Administrative Assistant at Gotham Venture City LLC, I performed various administrative tasks. I managed all emails received from Students/Instructors, created support tickets, entering data in QuickBooks for all credit card transactions, gathered all invoices, transcribing calls, auditing financial and withdrawal calls ivy-jean-cubelo-funfrom RingCentral, conducted online research, moderated Adobe appointments and handled chat support, audited all employees assigned tasks if being worked in a timely manner and submitted reports. I can work 60 -65 hours a week! It is really amazing! That’s really who I am, I am very hard-working person.

After I resigned, I decided to have a part time job with Upwork. I recently worked as a Data Entry Specialist, Online Researcher, Lead Generation and Amazon Content Writer. And now, I am seeking a Full-time Virtual Assistant job.

As a very hard-working person, I am also a self-motivated one who is willing to go above and beyond on any project, and to learn valuable skills in my own time. I am a trustworthy person, organised, resourceful, reliable and flexible person. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and expertise.

My goals in life are to help my family to have a stable life, to be happy always, to be healthy, to help other people and to live with work-life balance.

And that’s it! Thank you for taking the time to read my page! 🙂

For a copy of Ivy’s resume please click here.