Jacqueline Rodillo – Data Entry and Technical Support Representative

jacqueline-rodillo-profileHi, My name is Jacqueline Rodillo. I am 38 years old, born and raised in Makati, Philippines.

I have a pretty extensive work experience in the BPO industry. I worked for 3.5 years as Technical Support Level 1 (Verizon account), 4 years as Tech Support Level 2, and back office rep (Broadview Networks Account). I also worked as a Virtual assistant/PA to our CEO. My tasks included booking flights, transportation and hotel accommodation for his travels. Soon after, I was transferred to the dispatch team where I monitored the schedule of our dispatchers, checked their schedules or disputes, confirmed Patient’s Pick up date and time through calling the patient or health care facilities.

I also worked as a Chat Technical Support Rep in the same company. I helped our EMTs, RTs, RNs and Dispatchers with their iPad and login issues, as well as helped encode the Patient’s billing info for ambulance services or health plans or insurances. And lastly, I also have experience working as a Freelance researcher.

I am familiar with several computer systems such as RDS, Slack, TWC, Google drive, Google sheet, Google doc, Google, Gmail, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word, Vpn, 3cx, Skype, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Amazon Appstream. Some of jacqueline-rodillo-vathe clients I serviced in the past include patients, nurses and dispatchers or EMT’s.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. However, my passion is to draw cartoon and comic characters. I used to dream of becoming a Fine Arts student. Unfortunately, my mum didn’t want me to pursue that dream. I realised later on, that I only needed to explore things where I can learn and grow.

Just to give you a little information about me, I am a Vegan. I am an animal lover and I believe that as humans, it is our duty to respect other living creatures. I’m a big fan of war and comedy movies as well as anime. I’m also into Mathematics.

I am punctual, responsible, and professional. I offer expertise in employee relations, benefits administration, and customer service. I am confident that I will make a positive impact on your organisation. I want to have a long term work relationship. I am loyal, honest and a hard worker. I am passionate about helping and assisting clients. If you consider me as your next Virtual Assistant or VA, I will do my best to contribute to the growth of your business and you will not be disappointed.

For a copy of Jacqueline’s resume please click here.