Jarrah Verone Jordana – CSR, Entrepreneur

jarrah-verone-jordana-profileI am Jarrah Verone Jordana, 22 years of age, and today I want to tell you a little bit about myself. So sit back, relax and I hope you like my story

I live in Cebu City. I have 4 siblings and I am the middle child.
I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a degree in Bachelors of Tourism Management.

Right after college, I went to Manila to try to apply as a Flight Attendant. I sent resumes to all the airlines such as Philippine airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. Luckily enough, I got 2 emails from Philippine airlines and Cebu Pacific. I would have been happy even if only one emailed me but I got two. Such a blessing I told myself.

So my first interview was with Philippine Airlines. I was nervous, I’ll admit, but excited at the same time. After 10 minutes of waiting, they called all of us in a room and asked to give them our resumes. I was one of the last to introduce myself but after I said my piece, we waited for another 10 minutes, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pass.

I was pretty down the whole day but I didn’t give in to it, because I still had one more interview with Cebu Pacific.

I got my interview with Cebu Pacific and let me tell you, there were more people and they were pretty intimidating. I just told myself I’m intimidating too to help with the nerves. They did things differently compared to the first airline went to. They started with the physical exam first. What they do is they check your height and weight if it’s appropriate for a Flight Attendant.

Luckily enough, I passed the test and moved to the next stage of the interview which was the group interview.

It wasn’t that hard for me because they just asked us questions that I was actually prepared for and I passed that stage too. But to my surprise, they made me wait for an hour to just tell me that I actually didn’t pass and I could go home. But don’t worry, I wasn’t mad or anything. I held my head up high and just went home wondering what I did wrong.

So after those interviews, I moved back to Cebu and decided to do something I always wanted to do which was to run my first small business.

jarrah-verone-jordana-swimmingWith the help of my supportive father, I was able to buy a small internet café shop.

I bought the shop in 2019 and I was able to pay my father back within 3 months of running the business. It was doing great if I do say so myself. I ran it with my younger brother. From just being an internet café shop, we were able to open a small canteen so people could eat there too – extra profit is always good.

But sadly, I had to sell my shop because my father’s poultry business went through a problem and he needed the money quickly. So I sold my shop and gave the money to my father. I recently just sold my shop – last January.

Since then, I started doing odd jobs like singing gigs and at the same time went applying to BPO companies.

Sadly because of Covid 19, no one is really hiring at the moment.
So I am currently unemployed but hopeful that I will find a job soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story and thank you for taking your time to read it.

For a copy of Jarrah’s resume please click here.