Jemmuel B. Ramillette, RPM – Human Relations Assistant

jemmuel-ramillete-profileHi! Good day! I am Jemmuel B. Ramillete. You can call me Jem.

I have over five years worth of experience in the fields of special education, administrative, and human resources.

I have performed some functions in the human resource area such as recruitment (sourcing, job postings, company exam administration, interview arrangements, phone interviews, background checks, and job evaluation). Currently, I am working as a Human Resource Assistant for a local employer here in the Philippines. In this job, I am handling attendance monitoring, payroll management, labor relations, and compensation and benefits. Aside from these, I also conduct administrative functions such as encoding payment requests for utility bills, like electricity, water, internet, and communication via SAP Business One software.

Prior to getting to where I am now, I started as a Behavioural Interventionist. Here, I handled and taught children with childhood disorders, like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This job taught me the value of patience and striving for excellence as we dealt with individuals, particularly young adults, who are having difficulties with their respective behaviour and with their life. This experience was a great one because of the jemmuel-ramillete-hikingtimes when a child masters a certain skill, like singing or just simply washing the dishes, the smiles and gratitude we got from their parents gave me the fulfillment everyone is looking for from their respective jobs.

Being a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology made me realise that in practicing and eventually specialising in this field, our number one client is the people. Thankfully, due to the degree’s versatility, we can work in different fields be it in the education, office, medicine, counselling, and many more. Also, one may easily adapt to the personalities of each person you deal with. Among the stated fields, I chose Human Resources because this is where I think I can be at my best. Furthermore, in this field I honed my confidence in dealing and talking to people since I have challenges with my interpersonal skills.

Along with my set of skills I obtained from my work experiences, what I can bring to any company I will be working with is my optimistic attitude and the drive to learn to eventually and efficiently aid the institution in achieving its goals as I try to achieve mine, as well. I may be new in this job, but I believe I can be an asset to this team.

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