Jeniffer F. Baranda – Paraplanner

jeniffer-baranda-portraitGood day and hope all is well for you. My name is Jeniffer – born in Maasin Southern Leyte and now residing in Manila.

When I was in high school my favorite subjects were Maths, Accounting and Science. I was thinking of an accounting course, but I ended up taking up a Bachelor in Science in Medical Technology as a preparatory medicine course. I took this course hoping that someday I could become a Doctor, but due to our financial situation, I did not pursue my medical course to give way to my other sibling’s enrollment. Through this, I learned a lot of things about how to be more responsible and how to manage and handle challenges in life.

Applying for a job is another challenge in life to face! After I graduated, I worked as a Medical Technologist reliever for almost a year then I realised I love interacting and talking with people, so I grabbed the opportunity to apply for a customer service representative position, but unfortunately, the company closed.

The challenge did not stop there – but I believe the saying that when one door is closed there is another door open. I become a Sales Manager in a real estate company until one day, a big opportunity came along. I was hired by one of jeniffer-baranda-selfiethe top Telecommunication companies here in the Philippines. There were a lot of applicants for that post, and I’m lucky because I got the job!

Since I was in this big corporate company, I learned to manage my time, handle pressure and be keen to details. I worked hard to the extent that I went home around 3am so I could meet the deadlines and submit all the documents to head office by the deadline every single day. Because of my busy schedule, I had no time for my family. 🙁 My husband and I just said “Hi”, “Hello” and “Bye” everyday for almost 3 years. Then I decided to look for a new job that has a flexible timeframe and is a family oriented company, until I found my previous company which is an Australian company based here in Manila.

Working in an Australia company was a big help because they have work-life balance, and now I had time for my husband and my 7 year old son. I loved working with them because the Boss was so nice and approachable. Even though she is the Boss, she wanted us to call her by her first name. Unfortunately, my contract ended due to some reasons which I can not disclose.

Life is full of adventure! And this made me stronger and confident, and I know whatever challenges come my way I can handle them, and of course continue to smile and be happy. 🙂

I believe that with my experience and skills, I am confident that I can make an immediate positive impact on your company. It’s not just my background, but also my passion for the industry that drives me to succeed. If chosen for this role, I will continue to deliver high quality work for the continued success of your company.

For a copy of Jeniffer’s resume please click here.