Ronie Padronia – Supervisor, CSR and ISA

ronie-padronia-profile“Do the best you can to know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

Hi! I’m Ronie and let me tell you about my life’s story.

I started working in a BPO industry in 2011. I was a Customer Service Representative for 2 years in a Telecommunications company. I moved to a different company in 2013 as a CSR/TSR for one of the biggest cable accounts in the US. From there, I really stepped up my game and after a year of hard work and dedication, I was promoted as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). With my passion for helping my subordinates with mastering their craft, I was promoted to a Supervisor after 1 year of being an SME.

Over the years, I have developed very strong customer service, exceptional in sales, technical support for cable, internet and phone troubleshooting, lead generator, social media advertisements on Facebook, taking complicated supervisor’s call, calibration with our clients and effectively coached my agents with the right skills and behaviors on the call.

Below are the skills and specialties:

• Customer Service
• Customer Support
• Chat Support
ronie-padronia-fashion• Technical Support
• Phone Support
• Order Processing
• Email Support
• Sales and Marketing
• Surveys
• Sales and Lead Generation
• Public Speaking
• Facebook Marketing
• CRMs
• Market Research
• Account Management
• Instagram
• Coaching and Development
• Time management
• Leadership

I believe in what we call work-life integration. I do make sure that all-important aspects in life like family, love, friends, social life, work, and religion are set as my inspiration to bring out the best version of me and I never stop learning new things to keep myself motivated and growing.

For a copy of Ronie’s resume please click here.