Jennifer Agbu – Customer Service Representative

Jennifer-Agbu-vaI started questioning myself about what I can do to be better and to live by my own means. I realized I can’t be working forever in a contact center. I was already there before working on my own, however, there are things that we can’t control and so I decided to work again with BPO. I got lucky that from being a customer service representative, I earned the trust of my Superiors and got promoted as an Account Supervisor for Retail and that’s because of an impressive performance for 7 months. Also, I got considered for a Telco account of the same center in the same position and it lasted for 2 years until I decided to be a freelancer again. Prior to this, I was already working as a freelance Customer Service Representative for a Real Estate Company doing marketing calls.

To sum it up, I worked with the BPO industry for 8 years and 3 years as an administrative assistant for a group of companies running several businesses in various industries including Security, Fashion, Car Parts, and Accessories. These experiences really helped me a lot to become a better and responsible virtual assistant and to flourish in the field I have chosen. I learned to run things from A-Z. For the last two years working as a Virtual Assistant, I worked with Realtors, Investors and even got a chance to work as an appointment setter for an Australian Company that does Appliance repair services. Aside from that, I got the chance to learn and understand different kinds of Social Media Platforms, Tools, Software, CRM’s and Calendar Organisation.

Jennifer-Agbu-vaI practice minimalism as well. I am a minimalist and it really helped me a lot as a person and as a contributing body to any organization I worked with. It has taught me to manage my time, be efficient, and be content with the little things that I have. I stay focused and enthusiastic now that I am at home, enjoying my peace and working at my own pace.

My goal right now, especially with the kind of situation that we have, is to live slowly, appreciate the beauty of life and be productive.

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