Jojie Rose Amen – Human Resources and Recruitment Specialist

jojie-rose-amen-profileAn eye for details, great passion in performing the work and the sense of urgency is what I practice the most.

Hi, I am Jojie. My friends usually call me “Joj” or “Jie”, I am 26 years old and I have an older sister and a younger brother. I am from Bacolod City, Philippines. I graduated from University of Saint La Salle with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Human Resources Certificate.

During my college days, I was exposed to doing a lot of reports and presentations that trained me to be precise and detail-oriented in presenting my work, and I have also been a part of our organisation where we plan and manage all the activities of our batch.

After I graduated, I was hired as a Human Resources Officer in a BPO industry for almost 3 years. My work included a lot of paperwork, memos and organising of files. After which, I transferred employment in a hotel which I held the position of Recruitment Specialist. My work consisted of making job descriptions, posting job vacancies through online websites and LinkedIn, sending emails to applicants, doing phone screening interviews and setting appointments from booking their travel until they settle down in their apartments.

jojie-rose-amen-vaLast year, while still employed at the hotel, I was given the chance to be a freelance job hunter. My friend contacted me to help him find suitable candidates for his clients. I was just doing a part time job for him since I already had a full time day job. I have been extending my work also just to accomplish the tasks given to me.

So what made me decide to be a full time Virtual Assistant? It made me realise that having quality time with the family is very important. I can be with my parents since they are already getting old and to help my brother with his studies.

My experiences gave me the learnings to be more detail-oriented and doing the tasks with a sense of urgency. It helped me improve my attitude and perspective also in accepting more challenging tasks. This has given me a lot of benefits such as improving how to deal with pressure through effective time management, as well as being resourceful and open-minded to all the possibilities.

Thank you for reading a glimpse of myself and I hope to work with you soon.

For a copy of Jojie’s resume please click here.