Joyce Rosal Donayre – Customer Service Specialist

joyce-donayre-casualI believe that my training, abilities, and experiences will allow me to significantly contribute to your company’s growth and development.

I have experience working in a BPO company for more than 5 years now. My previous job was in a Retail account where I worked as a Senior Sales Agent for a few months then was promoted as a Senior Agent – WFM/RTA for almost 4 years.

As a WFM/Real-time Analyst, I do Administrative tasks like sending hourly, daily and monthly reports to all supervisors and to our clients in a timely manner. I generate certain reports from our client’s tool then transfer it into an Excel sheet, then send it to all supervisors and to our external clients, do real time monitoring on our agents’ adherence, regularly projecting the hours that the agents can produce by the end of their shifts, plot OT’s if needed, and schedule Meeting/Coaching if we will be producing more than what our clients’ requirements are for the day.

Prior to that, I obtained my skills in up-selling and cross-selling from working as a Travel Account Sales Expert in a BPO company for more than 2 years. I took inbound calls to book hotels, flights, cars or combined packages. I also tried to work in a BPO domestic account where I worked as a Customer Service/Technical Support Representative. Part of my daily job was to deal with frustrated and impatient customers and help them troubleshoot all kinds of issues regarding their satellite or cable connection.

joyce-donayre-vacationWorking as a Customer Service/Technical Support Person taught me how to deal with different types of people. I have developed strong problem solving skills, sharpened my ability to manage conflict and deal with demanding individuals and polished my communication skills.

Apart from those experiences, I also have VA experiences like, Transcription and Appointment Setter in a Real Estate and Solar campaign. I was an eBay Account Assistant as well for a few months as my previous client filed for bankruptcy. Lastly, I worked as a full-time Telemarketer/Lead Generator in a Health Insurance campaign.

I’m a hardworking person who solely supports my child’s daily needs. I’m very passionate about learning new things, flexible and can keep myself calm and focus on multi-tasking while being patient and organised. I enjoy working with others. I am exceptionally organised and I take pride in my work. You will find that I have an excellent work ethic, and I am willing to learn to become an amazing Virtual Assistant and improve my performance in the workplace.

For a copy of Joyce’s resume please click here.