Leah Marie Carreon – Account Specialist

leah-marie-carreon-formalI finished my studies at the College of St. Benilde in 2007, where I took up Computer Application. After graduation, I was able to work in BPO Industry. I started in Directory Assistance for US clients. At first it was really hard because I was not able to cope up with BPO standards. Despite that, working in the BPO industry was really fun because I got to meet a lot of people. I was able to adapt to their culture and environment and even adjust to their time zone.

After working as a DA, I decided to work with another company. I worked as a Senior Customer Service Associate where I handled Customer Service and Home TV shopping for US clients. During those times, I got to enjoy the company of my co-workers. After several years, I decided to work from home because I needed to take care of my baby.

In 2012, I tried to work from home as advised by a friend. Luckily, I was hired by an AU client. She is a famous author and I’ve done a lot of work for her. I performed admin work such as transcribing videos, posting on social media, managing her YouTube account, sending email campaign broadcast, promoting pages, data entry, email handling, and even chat handling inquiries. My job was to submit tasks on time which I was able to do.

Working from home was really fun because it saves you time and money as well. You don’t have to get up early just to be at the office on time. No rushing home from work. Things really went well until such time I decided to go back to the corporate world to compensate for my needs.

In 2014, I worked with a Real Estate company as a Marketing Associate. It was just project based work and the offer was really good so that’s why I took the opportunity. After the project was done, I join the Medical Field and worked as a medical representative for aesthetic doctors. I enjoyed working as an MR because I got to talk with the doctors and do demonstration for them, interact with a lot of people and selling is also one of my fortes. Having this experience promoted me to Marketing Sales Manager where I handled 2 clinics and 3 staff clinics. This position was really challenging for me because I had to think of ways leah-marie-carreon-vaon how to meet the monthly target for each clinic. We did strategic planning in order to meet the target goals. We also promoted our products by joining mall shows, hotel shows and we even got an endorser. It was really a big break for me and that’s why I worked hard for it.

I was also a Product Manager for a Medical Company where I handled sales people. I helped them with their presentations and marketing. I was also offered to handle a National Key Account to help with existing clients in order to win them.

Having these experiences made me a skilled person. I have been working for 13 years now, and I can say, I have already mastered several skills. I am goal driven, reliable, hardworking and a fast learner. I can easily adapt to change and work under pressure.

By the way, I am a mother of four and that’s why my goal in life is to provide a good future for my children and I am very eager to work as soon as possible.

For a copy of Leah’s resume please click here.