Leonard Julian Abenir – Customer Service Representative

Leonard-Abenir-vaHello, I’m Julian, and let me tell my story.

March 2016 when I graduated from the University finishing my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I went to Metro Manila to look for opportunities since I originally lived on an island away from the Metro areas. For someone who has first time experience living in urban areas, it wasn’t easy for me to adapt to the new environment.

I started looking for jobs that suit my qualifications, however, it was challenging for me to join corporate jobs since they require LGBTQ+ people to present themselves in a way that suits their genders, so I looked for a BPO company that would allow me to become who I am. I started working as Jr. Medical Biller in a US based company. My day-to-day job helps me to grow, and my colleagues help me to adapt to the new environment.

My daily job includes email management, data entry, document processing, answering inbound and outbound calls, settlement and recoveries, assessment, accounts receivable, and payment posting. I was able to perform well with the help of my mentors. I also worked in a car finance and car hire business based in Australia. Our manager helps us grow by mentoring us not just about the work process but also the professional approach to life. She taught us the importance of doing the right thing for the first time. She also helps us overcome our challenges, and for that, I was able to try doing things that I’m afraid to try before. I learned how to perform settlement and recoveries, assessment of loss, debt collection, drafting legal demands, and other admin tasks.

Leonard-Abenir-vaI’m experienced in using ZOHO CRM, Calendly, Softphones, MS Office (Powerpoint, Excel, Word, etc.) I also know the basics of Canva and a little Photoshop. I also have a personal Wix account just to create blogs since I love traveling. I created my Wix account to store all memories of all the experiences I’ve been through, especially meeting other people, experiencing other cultures, and exploring different dishes.

I earned a certificate in SEO – Digital Garage offered by Google Education. Also, Digital Skills offered by Accenture, and I’m also a certified ESL Teacher.

To date, I still value and embrace the core values of my previous employers. Having Integrity at work is the biggest lesson I’ve learned from my experience and that is something that I would still apply.

I’m looking forward to working with you and succeeding with our shared goals.

For a copy of Leonard’s resume please click here.