Limelyn Padernal – CSR and Sales Specialist

limelyn-padernal-profileHi, I’m ‘Lime’ your best partner here in …..! That is always my opening spiel to each and every company I have worked with. 🙂

Let me share with you my journey in life – are you ready? Oh yes, I’m sure you are!

I took up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Biological Science in the province, but when I could no longer afford to pay my tuition fee I made the decision to stop and enter the workforce.

I have lived on my own since I was 12 years old. (Yes, you read that right). I performed ‘double jobs’ in the morning through to the afternoon when I attended my training class as a CSR (customer service rep). After my training class I worked as part of the service crew in a fast-food restaurant from afternoon till evening (that lasted for 2 months).

I was 18 years old when I started working as a call center representative. I really didn’t have any idea how difficult the job would be. All I knew was that this kind of job uses English to communicate with customers and it offers a high salary compared to others.

limelyn-padernal-with-friendsThe first account I handled was a US based account specialising in online shopping. As it was a seasonal account, after December the management decided to downsize the number of employees and I was transferred to a Canadian Telco account.

I was 60% CSR and 40% TSR (Technical Support Representative). I assisted customers who had questions about their bills, TV channels, internet and home phone. I also performed sales. I learned how to sell internet home phones and TVs to customers. I learned the right questions to ask with the intent to sell. I also worked as a CSR with Google (a US based account), assisting customers with their Gmail accounts, Google Play, Nexus phone, and Google pixel.

I then decided to work with a Health Insurance Company – still as a CSR and also a US-based account. I am proud to say within 8 months I was promoted to a Temp. Trainer and a Temp. Supervisor. I trained agents, provided weekly feedback about their performance, and most of all shared my best practices with them. When my post ended I decided to go back to my previous account with the Canadian Tel-co.

I never celebrated Christmas with my relatives as I always spent my holiday at work because that was part of my commitment. My officemates became my second family and I was happy spending my holidays at work.

I rarely go on vacations. My friends describe me as a workaholic, friendly, small lady but very talkative! LOL

Being part of a Telco account is not easy at first because you need to perform Cross-selling, meaning after you resolve the customer’s concern, you sell additional services to them. Working as a Customer Service Rep is not easy either, as we do have KPI that we need to meet every month:

1. Call resolution
2. Customer satisfaction
3. Hold Time
4.Average Handle time
5. Sales Net%

I am proud to say that in 4 and a half years I always met those targets – and sometimes I exceeded them. The secret to being an awesome agent and receiving lots of commendations from clients and customers is, to be honest, always put yourself in the customer’s situation, love your job and always be positive.

The love and passion I have as a CSR makes me who I am today. In order for your customers to keep your product, you need to gain their trust. Trust means customer loyalty. Once you have their loyalty I am 300% sure that they will recommend the products to everyone and it will not only be a benefit to the company but also to the employee. 🙂

Some of my customers are now my friends, even though they are in a different country, because again as a CSR I’m always honest and I always go that extra mile. I put a lot of effort into what I’m doing. I always make sure I turn negative news into a positive message. One should always use positive scripting, because it makes your customer feel like you’ve done everything possible to help them. I want to leave a smile on their face. With that attitude I often end up having lots of 5-star customer surveys and certificates from the management.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s work as a team and let’s make your (‘our’) customers happy. Again, I’m Lime “HAPPY TO SERVE” 🙂

For a copy of Limelyn’s resume please click here.