Michael Angelo Aligato Daiz – CSR and Technical Support

michael-angelo-daiz-vaHi there! I am Michael Angelo Daiz and you may call me Maluk or Luke for short. My nickname is too far from my real name. Right? It is because, aside from my religion, I find my real name very common. I don’t want to be common. I want to be unique. That is why I decided to have my nickname as Maluk and Luke for short (like my real name, taken from the bible).

I am a father of two. My eldest is an 11-year old girl and my youngest is a 10-year old boy. I am happy and content seeing them growing up very well with their Grandma who is taking care of them.

Before I started working in the BPO industry, I first worked as a pedicab driver. Though I didn’t earn that much, I enjoyed helping others by giving them their rides to their destination. Aside from that, I also enjoyed chit chatting with them for me to learn something about them and for them not to feel bored.

My biggest achievement in life is when I had my 2 kids. Being a father of two is a very incomparable achievement that I have as an individual. And because of this achievement, I was able to grow. From being a pedicab driver, I was able michael-angelo-daiz-selfieto work as a laborer in the construction industry and was promoted as a Plumber after 3 months. Then, after another 3 months, I got promoted again as a Warehouseman this time. And because of those achievements, my colleagues and my ex-girlfriend told me to aim high.

After weighing things up, I decided to take a risk in applying in the BPO industry to challenge myself more. I admit that I am not that fluent in English but I was able to nail it and land a job in one of the biggest BPO companies here in Cebu, Philippines. I learned new things and developed some new skills while working with the BPO as a Customer Service Associate, Technical Support Representative, Financial Adviser/Loan Specialist, and as an Appointment Setter.

I learned how to have more patience in handling difficult customers, how to use Microsoft apps, read and understand billing statements, do basic troubleshooting, and more.

I’ve had issues with working outside of home and I am always worried about my safety. That is the reason why I decided to work at home for me to continue and fulfill my ambition to extend my hands to those who need my help even if I am working from home.

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