Michelangelo Macaraeg – Developer

michelangelo-macaraeg-formalGreetings! – My name is Michelangelo but you can call me Macky.

I am a Web Developer with almost a decade of experience under my belt. My career as a Web Developer lead me to develop a lot of general and customised websites and web applications. I am also quite experienced in other related fields such as Search Engine Optimisation, Affiliate Marketing, Server Management and Maintenance, Customer Service, etc.

Early in my life, I did not intend in being a Web Developer to be my life’s career. I spent my academic days without much difficulties as I excelled in most of them, especially with Science and Mathematics – up until I finished college.
I can say that anything involving Logic excites me – be it a test, puzzle or even when developing a complex web application or website with customised pages. What made me turn to Web Development was the circumstance I was in during the last semester of college as I studied (and later on graduated with) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I was then at that time arbitrarily elected to be the class president and ultimately forced in a position where I had to manage/lead the entire class (which was composed of more than 50 people of combined IT and michelangelo-macaraeg-bondingComputer Science students) when we were working on our graduation project as the final requirement to finish college. We decided it would be a fully integrated system made out of 8 independent subsystems and for easier implementation, we chose it to be made as a web application. At that time, I had no knowledge of Web Programming and as the leader/manager that had to check the work of others as they submitted it to me, I had to do reverse engineering/full debugging of their submitted projects in order to have an inkling of what they were all about. It was actually at that time I began learning Website Development. So you can say that I learned web development on my own – of course with the help of a lots of references.

What drew me to specialise in Web Development is the ability to project an idea onto a page that can be viewed by anyone who has access to the Internet, whereas with other development applications, after you are done programming, you would need to create the hardware to host the program or create the program according to the requirements of the hardware. In Web Development, the design, functionality and data storage/processing are handled in one process and can also be done by a single or few individuals. What excites me most in the process of building Websites/Web applications is the part where the client would discuss her/his ideas and with me listening/understanding the concept and the goal/objective behind the idea, then formulating/generating the required process and then the realisation of that idea into something, which is the website or app, the client is happy to see for himself and for all the other people involved as well. I get a great sense of fulfillment in the satisfaction of the client with my work and the quality of the results I deliver.

With that work principle of mine, I strive together with my wife and my young son in these modern times, aiming to continue helping my clients and future ones as well with my skills and experience, as well as advancing my knowledge and polishing along the way – all the while persevering in giving my family a good future by providing for their needs in life.

This is my story and I hope you had a glimpse of my personal life and work principles. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

For a copy of Michelangelo’s resume please click here.