Peter Paglinawan – Business Manager

peter-paglinawan-profileThe Proverbs 14:23 said, “there is benefit in every kind of hard work, but mere talk leads to wanting.”

This is a true-to-life bible principle for me. Lots of my classmates chose to be dependent on their parents, with their guardians and anyone who can be able to support their daily needs. I was jealous because most of them can buy their wants and needs anytime. But on my part, I wasn’t able to make myself reliant on my parents because of our financial struggles. That is why I need to find ways to fulfill my daily needs.

I took numerous scholarship exams to support my studies. I’ve become an electrician in school, repairing minor problems with their electric fan, an encoder for every list of students, a DJ, operator of sound systems for every event happening in our school, and many more. Unfortunately, when I got my first honour, my parents didn’t come to my graduation to don my medal. I cried that day, because it was the most special day for me and we had all worked so hard for reach that achievement for so many years.

But as I grew up, I realised that the world can be deceiving. I then promised myself that I would finish school and find a good job. When I was in Senior High School, I took an Information Technology course. I tried to find jobs on the internet and become an SEO Link Builder in a Hennessy Digital company. It was difficult at first because I went without sleep every night, and was often late to class, but still fighting. And the worst is, we were not paid. I just always think that at least I learned something from it.

However, I’m still searching for other online jobs like SEO, data entry, and basic photo/video editing. Then, I took some online courses like Search Engine Optimisation and Web Development. I also watched free online courses at UDEMY, and on Youtube to gain more knowledge and skills. I’ve always committed to whatever jobs I take and value my client’s trust. I also take full responsibility for completing projects and delivering them on time.

peter-paglinawan-churchMy best motto in life is: Never Stop Learning Because it’s the Only Way to Fulfill Your Dreams. I do believe anyone can be successful if he/she performs hard work, has faith in God, especially during this pandemic times.

I am also grateful to my parents for teaching me these three valuable attitudes: humility, kindness, and contentment. I’m looking forward to working with a professional growing team. And I hope that this story would be able to give you a glimpse of who I am as a person.

Thank you for take the time to read my story!

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