Ramielle Alhambra – E-commerce Management

ramielle-alhambra-formalHi! My name is Ramielle, and you can call me Amie. I am the youngest in the family and I am a single mum of an 11 year old boy. I graduated with a Degree of Bachelor in Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Baguio.

I chose to work mostly homebased because I want to spend more time doing something important than getting stuck in traffic and wasting time. Most of my previous job experiences were related to Sales and Marketing. I have a great passion for selling products and communicating with people because I know that communication is important in order to have deeper understanding. I also tried working as a Product Maintenance Assistant where I was in charge of checking out the product list. We were assigned to carefully check all the details posted in our websites, especially because it is an online store. We needed to check that all the details were correct before we launched the product online. In this role I was able to improve my skills and attitude because it became my everyday routine.

Once you love your job, it will be easy for you and there is no room for overthinking. Some people who love their jobs stay and never think of resigning even ramielle-alhambra-gardenwhen an opportunity is offered.

I can work alone or with a team, letting the team know or sharing with them techniques on how to make the work easier. I believe that with helping others, it will make the tasks easier and faster to finish, so when I have free time I share my skills with them.

I will be an outstanding virtual assistant for you because I am keen to details, patient, resourceful, and I am equipped with different sets of skills and knowledge. My experience in sales and marketing has honed my skills in negotiation. A skill that is valuable in generating leads through a variety of online platforms.

My expertise includes Social Media Marketing, SEO, Product Listing, Image and Video editing. I am also knowledgeable in research and blogging. For me, time is very important and that’s why I use my time wisely. I make sure that I am productive as much as possible. Plus I can easily adapt to any company’s rules and policies.

For a copy of Ramielle’s resume please click here.