Ranie Sumilang – Real-time Analyst

ranie-sumilang-profileI’m Ranie Martinez Sumilang. My colleagues call me Ranie Boy.

I’m a father of two and a faithful husband to my wife. I graduated with a Diploma in Computer in Electronics Technology. My first job was as a Customer Service Representative/Head Technician. That role lasted 3 years. In 2011, I worked as an IT Personnel in Saudi Arabia. Working abroad is not an easy task, but I took it as a challenge to gain more knowledge and experience.

To secure a better income without needing to go overseas, I decided to work in the BPO industry. I started as a Technical Support Representative then became an Email Support Representative of Fitbit from 2016 to 2018.

In September of 2018, I joined the Workforce Management Team as a Real-Time Analyst where I gained a lot of knowledge in performing administrative tasks. My tasks included data entry, answering emails and calls from the Operation Team, and sending out hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports.

ranie-sumilang-sportNow, I’m looking for a new career and opportunity that allows me to work from home.

I’m a detail-oriented person. I make sure that I have all the details I need when completing a task or project. When it comes to performing my job, I’m always punctual and I always have great attendance. I’m the type of employee who is always willing to extend my hours just to help my teammates to finish the tasks that were given to them. I pride myself in delivering professional work to my future client.

I know that working from the comfort of my home will give me the chance to showcase my skills, experience and at the same time learn new things.

For a copy of Ranie’s resume please click here.