Richshine Charmagne Vence – CSR, Sales and Marketing Sepcialist

richshine-charmagne-vence-casualHi!! I am Richshine Charmagne Vence. You can call me Shine or V. I would say I am so blessed even at the age of 26 for I have my two boys with me, aged 4 and 2, which I consider as my treasure and my own streak of sunshine.:-) I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a Mother – they are the anchor of my Life!

I am believed to be a Selenophile and a Thalassophile. My love for the Moon and the Sea would always encourage me to go to the beach once a week and spend the night there until the moon comes out. There is just something about the moon; it relaxes me and calms me whenever I needed to space out a bit. That is my idea of a perfect date…. total relaxation and meditation.

I’m the youngest amongst my siblings. I have two elder brothers whom I spent my high school days with. I came from a broken family. I only saw my father twice: during my Elementary and High School graduations. He lives in Qatar.

I took up an Airline Management Course until the 3rd year, but never finished it due to financial problems, so I decided to work at the age of 17 as a part time Market Researcher and that opened me up to the world of Business Process Outsourcing where I started to build my career.

richshine-charmagne-vence-kidsI have managed a team and I have tried both inbound and outbound calls. My experience consists of being a Virtual Assistant, Customer Service Rep, Billing, Email Management, Lead Generation and Data Entry. I have deep knowledge of web-based apps such as Trello and Zendesk; and used them for more than 2 years and a couple of months.

I have been in this industry for quite some time now. I know I can finish my tasks even with less supervision and I believe that I can do whatever task given to me, and I can promise I can deliver great outcomes. I always have this principle that whomever I work for or whatever company I work with, I always think of it as if it was my own. It just gives me the right motivation and drives me to do my best to take care of the project, company and the client.

Five of my best strengths are communicating with my clients and fulfilling the quotas that they have given me. I am also hardworking, responsible and reliable. Rest assured that whatever projects given to me, I am confident that I will be able to deliver more with precise commitment and quality as well.

My commitment would always drive me to go for the extra mile for my clients and always making it to a point that I will be giving my best to meet the deadlines, and set the right expectation. Whether you are a client or a customer, either one would always want to be treated as individuals, not just as a statistic. We have to treat them like a friend and gain their trust to be able to work long term.

I’m so excited to be a part of the team hope to speak with you soon !! 😀

For a copy of Richshine’s resume please click here.