Roeza Dela Pena – Administrative Assistance, Bookkeeping, and Writing

roeza-joyce-dela-pena-vaHi, I am Royce and I would love to know about you too. Let me share some things about me so we can get more comfortable moving forward. I am passionate about writing and I never shy away from expressing my points of view. I also love playing the guitar and enjoying good company while having engaging conversations.

Now enough with the introduction and let me tell you more about my professional background. I started working way back 2012, for a BPO company that caters to a Telco company in the United States. In my time there, I became a technical support representative that handles almost all computer and network related issues. We catered to virus removal, PC optimization, network troubleshooting, setting up emails and CCTV cameras, and even troubleshooting gaming and network peripheral devices. Eventually, they created a “hybrid” team that can handle everything from sales to customer service to technical support and I was one of the few people selected for it. It taught me to become the multi-skilled person I am today.

In 2015, I had to go to Manila to help my brother so I resigned from my first job and decided to relocate. I was able to land a job as a customer verification specialist for a betting and gaming company based in the United Kingdom. It was with that company that I learned to handle three chats at the same time, while also answering calls and emails. My time-management and multitasking skills were put to the test, but I was glad to rise to the challenge.

roeza-joyce-dela-pena-vaWhen 2017 came, we had to go back to our hometown, so I decided to resign and try my chances at work from home jobs. It was tough at first because there were not many platforms or companies that offered home-based jobs then, or there weren’t enough that I was aware of. I asked help from friends and previous co-workers, and I was finally able to land my first home-based job. I became an outbound caller for a pharmaceutical and medical supplies company based in the US. I was constantly topping the agent rankings so one of the clients noticed me and asked if I wanted to become a project manager and work for him directly. I said yes and became a project manager for another outbound calling campaign. It was where I learned to handle a team and use various project management software.
I then got lucky by 2018 and my Upwork profile got approved so I started taking more freelancing jobs. I became a Social Media Manager, Content Writer, Virtual Assistant, and Technical Support for various SaaS companies. My vast experiences and exposure to different roles helped me become resilient and adaptable to tasks.

Today, I am already adept in using Slack, JIRA, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, LogMeIn Rescue, Hootsuite, Google Suite, Canva, GoSquared, MySQL Workbench, Vicidial, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Shopify, and many other software used for customer support and project management.

For a copy of Roeza’s resume please click here.