Roselanie Loisse Espejo – Property Specialist

roselanie-loisse-espejo-formalWonderful day to you! I am Lanie Espejo, Sales and Event Specialist. I’m 28 years old, currently living in Manila, Philippines.

For me being productive is part of my passion and motivation in life. On weekends, I volunteer as events staff in Every Nation church. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management and started working at the age of 20 as a Sales Coordinator in a hotel. I would like to offer my services and assistance and aim for client’s satisfaction.

For the past 8 years of my career, I have learned to manage my time and gather more skills in the customer service industry. From email management, admin support for my superiors which I was in charge overall for accounting collection, monitoring of payables, follow up payment collections, purchasing supplies, dealing and negotiating with suppliers, checking office stocks and solving problems in a short period of time so that the office workflow would not be disturbed.

As a beginner, answering email inquiries, talking to clients, handling client complaints to the events side specifically planning, organising, monitoring and executing the event itself for corporate companies, team building events and also social gatherings is also part of my job. It has been my passion to be able to connect with clients, establish rapport and provide for their needs. I have also learned to go beyond what is expected and I always give my best service.

roselanie-loisse-espejo-vaAs a woman, I am a goal-oriented, passionate, tenacious, reliable, adaptable, attentive and hard-working. I could say that I like the fast-paced environment because that is what makes me motivated, it keeps me going and gives me energy. I feel happy and proud, especially if I get the job done on time and am able to help my superiors in need of my assistance. I like to set my goals for career, work and personal life.

I’m a good listener, detail-oriented and I try to gain the trust of my clients and prove to them that I am the person they can ask for help. I would be willing to extend working hours in order to cater to their demands. Looking back, I gained knowledge, connections and experience that gave me a managerial role in a few years time.

As I continue my career and with the help of the VA world, it is also my goal to work more in order to save money, learn and attend skills training for online jobs, invest in healthcare packages for me and my family and to travel the world.

For a copy of Roselanie’s resume please click here.