Shaina Marie Malinao – Business Development Specialist

shaina-marie-malinao-profileHello! My name is Shaina Marie Malinao, 21 years old from Laguna Philippines. I am a graduate of Business Administration in Services and Skills, and I am a Virtual Assistant.

We have a small food business managed by my mum. I have one brother and I am the eldest among the two of us. My dad passed away when I was 10 years old.

I used to work as a Data Encoder at a Police Station, but I resigned and started to work as a Virtual Assistant.

I thought that online jobs were easy to find but I was wrong. It’s actually quite hard. I needed to learn some skills that might be needed by certain clients. I took some online courses and training like Social Media Management. I also watched free online courses at UDEMY to gain more and more skills. I find it really helpful when you want to start working at home, that you invest in yourself first so you can take on better jobs.

Some of the skills I’ve gained are data entry/mining, web researching, email and chat support, lead generating, social media marketer, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posting, content creation, basic photo/video editing and use of MS Office or Google Products.

shaina-marie-malinao-outdoorsWHY AM I A FIT FOR YOU?

Because I am reliable, hard-working, keen to details, organised, a fast-learner, passionate, and a multi-tasker. I can meet deadlines and can work for more than 8 hours a day with minimal supervision. I am also looking for a platform where I can explore myself and grow successfully within the organisation.

As for my hobbies, I love traveling, hiking, dancing, singing, watching horror/fantasy movies and reading motivational books.

Additionally, the reason why I want to work at home is because I want to avoid the traffic going to and from the office. When you’re at home, you can work in your own comfort and spend more time with your family. As the eldest, I want to help my mum with our daily expenses, bills and for my brother’s studies.

I am looking forward to working with you and showing my skills.

Thank you!

For a copy of Shaina’s resume please click here.