Shaneeka Marie Arboleda – Customer Service Support

shaneeka-marie-arboleda-casualHello, my name is Shaneeka Arboleda.

I’ve been in the Call Center Industry for almost 5 years now working as:

  • an Email Support Person
  • Quality Analyst
  • Account Associate, and
  • Customer Service / Billing Specialist.

I’ve also gained knowledge and skills on how to close a sale since we are also given the tasks to offer product upgrades for existing and new customers. We are required to comfortably ask for a sale when customers call inquiring about the products we’re selling.

I am assertive, professional and goal-oriented as an agent with outstanding communication skills in English (both speaking and writing). Since we’re dealing with American customers, we need to speak proficient English so they can understand us.

I am a self-starter, reliable and hard-worker and never had any attendance issues with my previous employers.

For a copy of Shaneeka’s resume please click here.