Sheila Mae Sarcon – Human Resources Specialist

sheila-mae-sarcon-profileHi, I am Sheila Mae Sarcon.

I have a solid experience of 7 years working as a Human Resources professional. I have experiences in Recruitment and Sourcing using CRM platforms as our systems (e.g Taleo, HRIS, Personnel Data Management, etc.), forecast hiring and manage job portals such as Job Street, Indeed, Mynimo, Linkedin and our company’s very own career portal site, Employee Engagement.

I have been responsible for organising events, from planning to executing, and managing the funds for the events. I have been involved with employee relations, making of incident reports, and NTE to sanctioned employees, and been an Executive Assistant to a Polish National. As an EA my experiences are acting as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients and other external partners, manage executives’ calendars and set up meetings, make travel and accommodation arrangements, format information for internal and external communication – memos, emails, presentations, report, take minutes during meetings, screen and direct phone calls and distribute correspondence and all other admin related works especially when my director is travelling for work.

I have experience in MS Office applications such as MS Word, making presentation reports in MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook for emails. I can work with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Hang outs. I also know how to use Zoom, Ring Central App, Skype, IBM Sametime and CRM tools.

I love to do a lot of things like multi-tasking that is why most of my experiences in one company is not just only doing one specific thing. I am always interested in doing new things, and I love art in all aspects.

I know how to manage time especially when it’s work and family life. I am married and have one kid. During my free time, I love to go to our province since my sheila-mae-sarcon-outdoorsson is living with my in-laws. We visit him every month. He is not living with us because my husband and I are both working here in the city. It is also my decision to be a working mother since this is not only for me and my career to grow, but also for my family’s future.

I have been working with different industries including Retail, Food Corporation, ESL company as an ESL teacher, Realty, Business Process Outsourcing, and Logistics. With my experiences, I am happy that I have met different kinds of people and nationalities, and dealing with new people is not something new to me.

I am a person who is flexible and adaptable to change, willing to be trained and wants to learn a lot of things since we never stop learning when we grow-up, have the initiative to be proactive, organised and patient. I am responsible in everything that I do.

Thank you for reading my simple yet exciting story.

For a copy of Sheila’s resume please click here.